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How to solve Chi of Guyun Puzzle in Genshin Impact – Geo Statue Puzzle

Chi of Guyun Puzzle requires to interact with the right statues to unlock a collectible. If you do not know the exact solution it might take hours to complete this. Check this guide for the right answer.

In one of the quests in Genshin Impact, you will come across some statues. They are called Geo Statues which are pointing towards a collectible. To solve this puzzle you have to search for fragments near Geo Statues. This is a confusing puzzle and might take a long time to pick the right statue. To save your time I am sharing what you have to do to solve this puzzle. To start the puzzle go to the highest part of the Qingce Village to search the fragments.

Geo Statue Puzzle Solutions – Where are the fragments?

Go to the top of the highest mountain in Qingce Village, it is located to the south of Wuwang Hill. Lightning up the correct statue will allow you to collect the fragments. This unlocks the second part of the quest. So which are the right Geo Statues? Here is the answer.

Stand in the center to unlock a clue. Each clue hints to the statue’s direction. I am sharing a map or an image where you can find the correct four statues to interact to unlock the next part of the quest. Here are the four clues of correct Geo Statues.

  1. the wind-swept ruin
  2. the snow-capped peak
  3. the adepti’s abode
  4. the city of Liyue

The objective is to light the correct statue facing the four locations above. There are in total eight statues in the area. Among them four are the correct ones, now here is a hit to pick them one by one. I will take the center area as my marker one and the tree on the right as my marker 2.

Genshin Impact Geo Statue Puzzle

In the above image, you can see the three statues on your left between the two orange glowing crystals are the correct one. There are four of them, you have to skip the third and walk to the right end near the tree and interact with the fourth and final crystal. This is the right sequence to complete Geo Statue Puzzle. Do not forget to unlock a treasure chest, it will spawn right after picking the correct statues.

What to do after solving the Geo Puzzle?

Genshin Impact Geo Statue Puzzle

After interacting with all four correct Geo statues go to this location. A area covered in bamboos and has glowing crystals. Walk to the center and interact and you will see “Incomplete Writing” Quest details. There are more statues in this region. This is the second part of the puzzle. Here is the clue of right Geo Statues.

  • south-east
  • north
  • south-east
  • north-west
  • north-east
  • south-west

This one is simple, you just have to pick the correct statue and you will be rewarded with a second treasure chest.

Genshin Impact Geo Statue Puzzle

The one in the center has some apples in the front. Interact with that first and then go to the statue in the corner in the south east. Then towards the northwest, northeast, and southwest. That’s there will be a second chest right in the front. Interact to collect your reward and you had done solving Chi of Guyun puzzle in Genshin Impact.

This is how you can solve the Geo Statue puzzle and unlock rewards in Genshin Impact. It is a complicated puzzle and requires you to pick the right statue. Or else it won’t work. Finding the right geo statue is also a way to solve the Chi of Guyun Puzzle.