Starfield: Where To Find Beryllium

Beryllium is used for crafting recipes in Starfield, this is your guide on where you can find it.

In Starfield, the resource Beryllium can be found in several locations. This item is classified as an Uncommon Inorganic Resource. It is rare in nature, however, it is not as difficult to find as compared to other minerals in the game. It is used to craft various Weapons and Armor Mods. This resource is also used in Research Projects. Looking for a particular type of item among all these different Systems can become overwhelming. Therefore, In this guide, we will mention the locations where you can easily find it.

How to get Beryllium in Starfield

Beryllium Location Starfield

Purchasing it from Vendors

  • This rare resource can be bought using credits from a few locations in Starfield.
  • One of them is Denis Averin at Cyndonia, located on the planet Mars in the Sol System.
  • In the famous city of New Atlantis, you will find it at Jemison Mercantile.
  • Both of these places store a large amount of this mineral, all your Beryllium needs can be fulfilled here. Therefore, if you are planning on purchasing a huge amount of it, make sure you are accompanied by your companion. This can help you avoid being Overencumbered.
  • Another location is in Titan, land on New Homestead and head to the New Homestead Store, you can choose the item from the inventory.

Farming the resource

  • If you are running low on credits and want to explore instead of purchasing it from a shop you can find this item in the following place.
  • In Alpha Centauri go to Toliman and go to the moon Toliman 2-a, this place is home to the resource you are looking for and you can easily scan and use your Cutter to harvest it. They appear Green in color.
  • If you are looking to get large quantities of this Ore, you can set up an Outpost here, as well.
  • Apart from this location, you can also find it in the Narion System on Hyperia and Andraphon.
  • In the Olympus System, you can visit Pontus.
  • Lastly, at Volii Beta belonging to the Volii System, you can land your ship here and scan the area for this mineral.

We have covered everything you need to know about where you can find Beryllium in Starfield. If you are looking to blow off some steam you can also find out where you can get Aurora and other Starfield guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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