Starfield Aurora Location: Where To Find

You won't be acting out of line if you feel like trying Aurora in Starfield. Here is your guide on where you can find it.

Aurora is the only drug available in Starfield. It is illegal and that is part of the reason why everyone wants to get a hold of it. This hallucinogen helps slow time down and can prove useful during Combat. Another reason to purchase Aurora is because it is rare. You can also earn money by crafting this drug. You can also earn credits by smuggling it across planets and selling it to vendors. Follow this guide to learn where you can find Aurora.

Where to Find Aurora in Starfield (Location)

How To Get And Craft Aurora in Starfield

  1. To purchase this substance you will have to head to the city of Neon, belonging to the Volii System.
  2. On the West side of the city, you will come across the Astral Lounge.
  3. Once you are inside, look for the Bartender who will be at the far side of the lounge.
  4. The Bartender, Boone Morgan, will already be aware of what you are looking for.
  5. You can either ask a little more about the drug or ask to see a menu and ask to purchase it.
  6. The price will range between 700 – 800 credits to get it.
  7. You can legally buy it from here without hesitation. However, it is illegal to take it out of the city and you will have to smuggle it out while exiting the city.

How to Craft Aurora

  1. When you are in the city of Neon, you will come across Neshar, who has been caught by Neon Security trying to smuggle Aurora out of the city.
  2. After this plays out you will be assigned the quest ‘Loose Ends’, during which you will have to go visit Neshar in jail.
  3. This will then trigger a side quest in which you will have to visit the Xenofresh Lab and learn how to craft the drug.
  4. You will be assigned shifts and will get paid for each one you complete.
  5. Once you have done three shifts you will be rewarded with the recipe to make Aurora, which you can use to make it on your own in any lab moving forward.

This is all you need to know about where you can find the powerful drug Aurora in Starfield, you can also check out our guide on smuggling and selling contraband and other Starfield guides, here on gamer Tweak.

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