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Where Is Jemison Mercantile In Starfield

How to discover Jemison Mercantile in Starfield's New Atlantis? It's a vital retail hub offering resources and more.

In Starfield, one of the first large settlements you’ll encounter is New Atlantis, home to Constellation and MAST. It’s also a bustling retail center where you can buy guns, clothing, and even spaceships. When exploring the massive settlement of the city, one shop worth seeking out is Jemison Mercantile. However, it can be tricky to find this retail. We’ll help you locate Jemison Mercantile in Starfield.

Jemison Mercantile Location in Starfield

Where Is Jemison Mercantile In Starfield

To locate Jemison Mercantile, you’ll need to head to the New Atlantis Spaceport on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. From where your ship lands, go straight ahead towards the center of the spaceport district. Veer slightly to the left as you walk down the exit ramp.

Looking ahead as you near the center of the district, keep an eye out for either the prominent Jemison Mercantile sign or the neighboring shop, The Viewport. Jemison Mercantile is situated to the right of The Viewport location.

If you arrive via transport train and are in a different area of Jemison, follow the main path going straight ahead on the right side. Large panels mark the front of the shop up ahead. Enter the shop and converse with Amoli Bava, who is typically found near the counter but occasionally roams around the store.

What Does Jemison Mercantile Sell?

From valuable resources like tungsten to rare weapons and equipment, Jemison Mercantile is willing to pay top credits for your wares. But that’s not all – Jemison Mercantile also sells various essential items to help you survive.

For instance, Amoli stocks a limited number of Med Packs and Digipicks, so be sure to snatch them up for your needs. And if you need more resources or a new set of gear, Jemison Mercantile has you covered.

That’s all there is to know about Jemison Mercantile location in Starfield. In case you have any other doubts, feel free to browse Gamer Tweak. We have stacked up plenty of guides like Best Rifles, Best Traits, and Best Ships to have.

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