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V Rising – How To Expand Castle Size

Check out our guide on how to expand the Castle Size in V Rising.

Do you know the most crucial way to remain undead as a Vampire in V Rising? Shelter! Aside from gathering different resources for survival, you need to construct a Castle as a base to avoid damage. But before you get to it, you need to craft a Castle Heart to prevent it from decaying. Most of the players are confused about how to expand their territory after placing their Castle Heart. So, here’s our guide on how to expand the Castle size in V Rising.

How to Expand Castle Size in V Rising


Follow these steps to expand the area of your Castle:

  • As you hit the B key to open the Build mode, place the Castle Heart in a suitable location.
  • You will need 30 Blood Essence and 240 Stones to craft the Castle Heart structure.
  • Make sure that you are placing it in a location surrounded by plain dirt tiles.
  • If you don’t place it on a plain tile, you might get blocked by Environment, Border, Unit, or Road error. This will restrict you from placing the Castle Heart structure in that location.
  • Once you have crafted the Castle Heart, surround the structure with Border tiles under the Foundation section.
  • To lay a Border tile, you need 20 Stones and 2 Blood Essence.
  • You can lay as many tiles as you need to expand your Castle unless it’s not blocked by any barriers.
how to expand castle size v rising
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  • Once you have constructed the Castle, you cannot shift it to a different location without dismantling it first.
  • Make a note that your Castle operates by inserting the Blood Essence. So, make sure to stack them up.
  • In addition to expanding its size, you can also upgrade the Castle using 12 Copper Ingot and 12 Leather.

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