V Rising Dismantle Explained: How To Dismantle

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As you progress through the journey of a weak vampire regaining his place in V Rising, you will build a base and gather resources for survival. Although you build a Castle base on a location, you might need to clear out the barriers blocking the structure. You might also need to relocate the Castle’s location and clear out some floors to place new ones. For this, you need to use the Dismantle option. So, here’s our guide that explains how to dismantle in V Rising.

V Rising How To Dismantle

You can hit the Spacebar key to use the Dismantle option and clear out all the barriers within the area. These barriers include trees, bushes, walls, and stones. You can also use dismantle option to clear out the pieces of the floor in your Castle.

But you need to make sure that the flooring isn’t touching or connected to any of the structures. While placing any border tile or Grass, you also need to make sure to not place it on indestructible barriers. As the barriers like rivers and lakes cannot be dismantled, you need to look for a different location. If you are prompted with the blocked by environment or border error, check out our guide on how to solve this error.

Although you can dismantle different barriers, can you dismantle your items and Castle Heart? Scroll till the end to find out.

How to Dismantle Items

  • While all the items cannot be dismantled, you can use the Devourer to salvage the items.
  • As you salvage the items, you get the raw materials that were used in crafting them. But for that, you need to defeat Lidia, the Chaos Archer at level 26.
  • Once you have defeated her, you can salvage the items in a Devourer workbench.
  • You can build the Devourer under the Refinement section using the following:

For more insight, check out our guide on how to salvage items.

V Rising Dismantle Castle Heart

You can destroy the Castle Heart with the Dismantle option. Press the Spacebar key to clear out the Castle Heart. If the border tiles are connected to the Castle, you might not be able to dismantle the Castle Heart.

v rising how to dismantle
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How to Destroy a Castle in V Rising

  • You need to dismantle the border tiles before you dismantle the Castle.
  • Once you have cleared out all the tiles, you can dismantle the Castle Heart.
  • After the Castle Heart and tiles are cleared out, the Castle no longer exists.
  • As you get some resources refunded, relocate your Castle Heart to a suitable location using those resources. Check out our guide on how to move the Castle Heart for more insight.

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