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V Rising: How To Salvage

Have an item that you no longer need in V Rising? You salvage it and get its resources.

You should learn how to salvage in V Rising to save time looking for resources. There will be times you have several items in your equipment that you don’t really use. It could turn out that they give useful materials when salvaged. Hence, why not use these items that you don’t need to get resources for something you might actually use. So in this guide let us check how to salvage items and weapons in V Rising.

How to Salvage in V Rising


v rising salvage items equpment and weapons
Image Credit: StudioLoot on YouTube

You can salvage gear and other items in this game after you get The Devourer. You need the Devourer for salvaging as without it the process is not possible. We will get to how you can get The Devourer in a bit if you don’t have it, let us first check how to salvage.

  1. Place the Devourer anywhere you like in your castle.
  2. Next, interact with it.
  3. Now, drag and drop the items that you wish to salvage from your equipment to the devourer tab.
  4. It will show you the name of the item that is being salvaged and the time it will take.
  5. Once the process is complete you will salvage the item and get resources in exchange.


Do remember not all items can be salvaged, you can check by going to the equipment tab and highlighting the item. If there is salvageable written on it that means you can salvage it.

How to get The Devourer

  1. Go to the Blood Altar and interact with it.
  2. Next, Start Tracking Lidia the Chaos Archer. Press space or the Track Blood button to do that.
  3. Her recommended level is 26 so you can easily challenge her if your character is of level 26 or above.
  4. Defeat Lidia and extract the V blood from her. You will the recipe for the structure of The Devourer. In order to make it you need:
    • Plank x12
    • Copper Ingot x12


That covers this guide on how to salvage equipment and weapons in V Rising. If you are interested in this game you should find our guides useful on how to make leather, repair gear, and get sulphur ore.