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V Rising: How To Remove Garlic Debuff

Learn how to remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising from this guide.

V Rising is a Survival Action-Adventure game with Multiplayer. You play as a weakened Vampire who woke up from slumber in this game. Now you must gather resources, battle foes, & build up your Castle and Army. But while doing the above tasks, there are chances of getting attacked or getting Debuffed. One such debuff is inflicted on the Players of Vardoran by Garlic. Garlic, like portrayed by Media & Legends, applies a debuff that increases the amount of Damage a Vampire will receive. So in this guide, I will show you how to Remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising.

How to Remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising


remove garlic debuff v rising

The Garlic Debuff in V Rising is applied to a Vampire whenever they come in contact with Garlic. The more Garlic Exposure you get, the more the Debuff will stack in the game. In V Rising, the Garlic Debuff works as a multiplier of Damage received. The numbers indicated by the Debuff are the percentage of Damage you will take from any source. The Garlic Debuff will also reduce the damage you deal by 0.5% for every tick. So at max Garlic Debuff, you will take 100% more Damage & deal 50% Damage to enemies.

The best way to remove the Debuff and the only way to remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising is by waiting it out. There is no consumable that can cleanse it. Although, you can resist it by using Armor, Potions, & other Magical Items. Items that provide Garlic Debuff Resistance are:


  • Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak
  • Ashfolk Wildire Cloak
  • Beatrice’s Scarf
  • Cardinal’s Cloak
  • Crimson Ward
  • Garlic Resistance Potion
  • Hermit’s Shawl
  • Hunter’s Cloak
  • Immortal King’s Cloak
  • Immortal King’s Mantle
  • Manna Shawl
  • Minor Garlic Resistance Brew
  • Phantom’s Veil
  • Purple Feathered Cape
  • Razer Serpent Cloak
  • Razer Serpent Mantle
  • Royal Mantle of Ashfolk Kings
  • Royal Veil of the Jester
  • Tail of the Archfiend
  • Thousand-Stich Cloak
  • Toki Feathered Cape
  • War-Torn Wine Cloak

This was all about how to remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Beat Putrid Rat in V Rising.