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Palia Cheats – Are There Any Cheat Codes?

Are you wondering if there are any Palia cheats that let you teleport anywhere, speedrun, get unlimited money, and have infinite focus? Read along to know.

Are you looking for Palia cheats, tips, and tricks? It’s not just you, many Palians who got introduced to Majiri life want to become part of Kilima as soon as possible. That is why they don’t want to wait for harvest, mine copper ore for Copper Bar, or walk in search of quest NPC. And since you don’t need to sleep at night, waiting for the villagers to wake up can be quite boring. You can work on skills at that time, but it doesn’t seem enough. So players search for cheats that can alter time and day or give unlimited money to buy all materials and recipes at once.

Palia Cheats and Mods for PC

Palia Cheats, Tips And Tricks

At the time of writing no official Palia cheats have been introduced by developers. And using third-party software hacks and cheats is strictly prohibited. Your account can get suspended temporarily or indefinitely. You can be forced to change the name. And you might lose in-game communication systems. The game is a beta, so they might add official cheats in the future. If they do, we will update this guide.

Now, there are many third-party and unofficial cheats circulating on the internet. One of the cheats exploiting the bug and taking over other people’s resources is getting contempt from other players in this Reddit discussion. Though we don’t recommend using this, you will find several videos and links that offer this hack. Apart from this extreme hack, you will also find listed mods and Palia cheats easily online.

  • Glider Speed
  • Walk Speed
  • Climb Speed
  • Teleportation
  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Money
  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited Inventory

Some Palia Quick Tips

  • Use Autorun to travel faster. This is not some Palia cheat, but an in-game control. You can enable and disable it anytime with “/“. Just change the direction with your mouse, and hold Shift to run faster.
  • Visit Phoenix Statue and Dragon Shrine as soon as you get the task. It is where you get an increased Focus limit and rate.
  • Make use of Community Requests. Press O, go to the Request section, and add your item request. Other Palians who need Renown will fulfill your request.
  • Gift villagers their favorite items and complete their Weekly Wants to get on their good side.
  • Make easy and fast money with activities like Hunting, Foraging, Gardening, and Fishing.

That’s all for the Palia Cheats, tips and tricks. The game offers a wide range of items through different skills and quests. You can start by learning how to catch Stickleback fish, and then find out how to complete The Great Human Bake-off challenge with our Palia guides.