Palia: How To Increase Focus Bonus And Limit

These are all the ways to recover and increase Focus Capacity & Bonus in Palia.

Your Focus gets over easily, so you want to increase the Focus capacity of your character in Palia. Focus is one of the most unique mechanisms of this game. It lets you receive more EXP for skills, making the leveling up faster for players. The Focus meter can be seen in the upper left corner. It is an eye icon with a bar. Every time you earn more Skill Exp you spend Focus Points. So it easily gets spent in no time. Now there are three things you can do to enhance or get Focus in the game. You can replenish it, increase the capacity, and bonus rate.

How to Recover and Increase Focus Bonus and Capacity in Palia

How To Increase Focus Bonus And Capacity In Palia

How to Replenish Focus

If you have used up all your Focus, then you have to eat something to refill the bar. And different foods give different amounts of Focus Points. Such as, Heart Vegetable Soup gives 150 Focus Points, and Grilled Oyster gives 55. It is seen that the rarer the consumable, the better the Focus Points. You can use this Gardening guide to grow recipe ingredients and use Glow Worms to catch fish in Palia. And then cook to replenish your Focus Points.

Permanently Increase Focus Capacity in Palia

You can increase the Max Focus by spending Renown in the Dragon Shrine of Maji’s Hollow. Maji’s Hollow is in the northeast of the Kilima Valley. The first time you increase Focus using Shrine, it costs nothing. But after that, you need to offer 100 Renown every time you increase Focus. Earning Renown is very easy, you can get it by interacting with villagers, completing tasks, and fulfilling community requests of Palians.

How to Increase Focus Bonus in Palia

In the beginning, you have a 20% Focus Bonus. You can take it up to 100% by spending Renown in Phoenix Shrine of Phoenix Falls. Phoenix Shrine is the same place where you spawned at the start. It costs 100 Renown each time you increase the Focus Bonus, but the first time is free.

That’s all on how to replenish and increase Focus Bonus and Capacity in Palia. If you found this guide interesting, you should check our Palia guides. And now that you have learned how to increase Focus, you should also increase Storage.