How To Get Glow Worms In Palia

Want to upgrade your bait to a glowing one? Here is a guide on how you can get Glow Worms for fishing in Palia.

Wondering how to get your hands on the Glow Worms to use them as attractive bait while fishing in Palia? Fishing is more than just a free time activity and players can learn the skill to catch different fish to consume, as a gift or to make a profit. Not to mention, players can also reel in Recipes like Fish Stew, etc to make in the game. Although you will need a good bait to have a good catch. And while your simple worm will make do on most occasions, if you are looking for more valuable fish then you will need the Glow Worm. It also increases the value of all the fish you catch in the game. And as there are many things to keep in mind, to make things easy here is a guide you should check out to know more.

How to Get Glow Worms in Palia

how to unlock glow worm farm in palia

Players can get the Glow Worm with the help of the Glow Worm Farm crafter in Palia. To unlock the farm, players will need to level up their fishing skills to level 7 and the normal worm farm unlocked. After which you can get the crafter recipe from Einar’s Fishing Guild Store for around 2000 Gold in the game. Here are all the crafting materials required to make the crafter at your Worktable in-game:

  • Flow Infused Plank: x12
  • Stone Brick: x8
  • Iron Bar: x4
  • Leather: x8

After crafting the Glow Worm Farm, players can use it to get Glow Worms from different food materials in Palia. Along with the worms, you will also obtain either HarvestBoost Fertilizer or SpeedyGro Fertilizer in the game. It is worth keeping in mind that players can use any food resource but it will yield different results. You can use your Gardening harvest like apples, Tomatoes, Blueberries, etc directly. Most of the basic gardening materials will only give you a Glow Worm. And it takes around 60 real-time minutes to process the Farm and obtain the shiny bait in the game. Instead, while there are a few exceptions, players can use cooked food to get more worms.

You can also buy Glow Worms from Einar’s Fishing Guild Store for around 10 Fishing Medals. Although you will need to upgrade your fishing level to ten to unlock them at the store.

That’s everything covered on how to get Glow Worm in Palia. For more interesting guides like these check out our dedicated Palia section, right here on Gamer Tweak.