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Palia Fish Stew Recipe Guide: How To Get & Cook

Want to learn this simple recipe? Check out this guide to know how you can get the Fish Stew recipe and cook it in Palia.

One of the basic yet delicious recipes you will find is the Fish Stew in Palia. In the cozy Sim MMO, players will gradually come across the skill of cooking & various recipes to use to replenish their focus, make money or even gift someone in the game. Fish Stew in Palia, requires simple ingredients and is quite easy to make in-game. Although even with it, players might know where exactly to look for the dedicated recipe. Not to mention, how to cook it and serve in the game. So if you are wondering the same thing and are looking forward to making the dish, here is a guide you should check further.

How to Get Fish Stew Recipe in Palia

how to get fish stew recipe in palia
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To get & learn the Fish Stew Recipe, players will have to fish the recipe bottle from the Bahari Bay in Palia. You can get your basic fishing rod from Einar in the game. After which you can head out to one of the coastal areas of Bahari Bay and use a worm on the rod to fish the bottle. It is worth keeping in mind that using a worm as the bait on your fishing rod is important to get the recipe. Cast the line in the waters and reel it in by left-clicking on it.

Once you get your hands on the bottle, you can then learn it by clicking on it in your inventory. After learning the recipe, you can head back to your home to cook it accordingly in the game.

How to Cook the Fish Stew

To cook the Fish Stew, players will first need to gather some ingredients and interact with the kitchen in Palia. The ingredients required to cook the recipe in the game are as follows:

  • Any Fish: x1
  • Any spices: x1
  • Wild Garlic: x1

It is worth keeping in mind that any type of fish like Silver Salmon etc can be used in making the dish. Once you get the rest of the ingredients you will have to interact with the stove and select the recipe. After which, head to the Prep Station and chop up the Garlic & prepare the fish fillet by playing the mini-game accordingly. Once done, you can add in all the ingredients and stir up the pot to make yourself Fish Stew in Palia. It replenishes your focus and can also be used to make some money in the game. You can also gift the stew to Ashura or Zeki as they love the dish. Similarly, many other characters have a favorite dish they love, we recommend you check our Palia Best Gifts Guide to learn more.

That’s everything covered on how to get Fish Stew Recipe & cook it in Palia. For more interesting guides like these, check out our dedicated Palia section right here on Gamer Tweak.