Palia Silver Salmon Guide

Use this to fish the Silver Salmon in Palia and cook delicious & healthy meals.

Do you need to get Palia’s Silver Salmon for simple fish recipes, but don’t know where to find and fish it? No need to worry, this fishing guide covers everything you need to know about the fish, its location, and catching. There are various kinds of fish in this game, and many of them have their star versions too. Some fishes are expensive, so catching them is also a hassle, while some are so easily available that you will get them without much effort. Silver Salmon is one such fish that you easily trap.

Where to Find and Fish Silver Salmon Palia

Palia Silver Salmon Fishing Guide

Silver Salmon is a common fish that you can catch in Kilima Village’s river. The area highlighted in the above image is where you will find them most. These don’t require any kind of bait, but you have to fish them in the evening and night.

They look like real Silver Salmon, so you will easily recognize them. Normal Silver Salmon of Palia is sold for 21 Gold, and star Silver Salmon can give you 31 Gold. The normal ones can be fished from anywhere in the marked area, but star ones mostly appear in rippled ones. So grab the Rod that Einar sent you and head to the location.

  • Equip the Rod with R and cast it holding the left mouse button.
  • Wait till you see the movement and hear a voice.
  • Use the left mouse button to pull Silver Salmon out.
  • Now try to hold it within the marker, and you will catch the fish.
  • Since you don’t need bait for fishing Palia’s Silver Salmon, you can try these steps multiple times. And it will help you practice fishing without any loss.

Recipes for the Fish

  • Grilled Fish: Grill two fish on the fire.
  • Sashimi: 1 Spice Sprouts + 1 Rice + 1 Fish
  • Sushi: 1 Dari Cloves + 1 Heat Root + 1 Vinegar + 1 Fish

That’s all about where to find and how to get Silver Salmon in Palia. We have covered many topics from the game, so if you are interested, check our Palia guides and read how to repair and upgrade Tools in Palia.