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How To Repair And Upgrade Tools In Palia (Equipment Guide)

Here is how to repair and upgrade Tools in Palia to get Standard, Fine, and Exquisite equipment.

Want to repair and upgrade your old tools in Palia but don’t know how? Use this guide to learn how to increase the durability of tools and upgrade them from Makeshift to Standard, Fine, and Exquisite qualities. This cozy world has plenty of activities like hunting, fishing, gardening, and mining, where you need these tools. And as you progress, you unlock more things that require high-level tools.

Where and How to Repair & Upgrade Tools in Palia

Where and How to Repair Tools in Palia

Where and How to Repair Tools in Palia

You can repair your wear out tools with Repair Station in exchange for Golds or Repair Kits. At the time of writing, the game is in its beta stage, so there are only three ways to find and get Repair Station in the game.

First, you find this Repair Station in Blacksmith’s shop in Kilima Valley. The shop is beside the Tavern. The second Repair Station is in the Central Stables of Bahari Bay. And the third way of obtaining the station is by crafting it. You can buy the Repair Station recipe from Hodari once you have reached level four in mining. And the recipe will cost 10 Copper Bar and 6 Stone Brick. So after you have found or crafted the Repair Station with any of these methods, you can use these steps to repair tools in Palia.

  • Go near the Repair Station. It is a big anvil.
  • When you are near it, you will see the Repair Tools option.
  • Select it and then choose all the tools you want to repair.
  • If you are repairing all tools, then check the Repair All Tools.
  • The price of the repair will show on the bottom
  • Repair them using Golds and Repair Kits.

How to Upgrade Tools

How to Upgrade Tools Palia

Players can upgrade tools using the recipes sold by the corresponding skills NPC. Such as, you can buy foraging recipes from Ashura, hunting from Hassian, and fishing from Einar. To learn who sells which recipe, you can go into your Inventory and place the arrow on the skill whose upgrade you are looking for. You will see the name of the skill and the corresponding NPC. And you have to meet the requirements for recipes to unlock.

  • Once you have obtained a certain recipe, go to your Worktable.
  • Find and select the recipe.
  • See that you have all the required ingredients.
  • Press the Make button from the right side to get the tool.

With this, you can now repair and upgrade tools in Palia. Now, if you found this guide interesting, we suggest you check our other Palia guides. And also, see our game guides to find similar topics.