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Palia Gardening Guide: Best Crops, Layout, Tools & More

Check out this guide to know everything about Gardening from crops to tools used & layouts and more in Palia.

Amongst the many skills that allow players to do various stuff in Palia, Gardening is one of the foremost and crucial ones that you will find. It involves planting, growing, and harvesting a variety of crops in the game which can later be turned into profit, used as a gift or even replenish your hunger. There are various stages and things including the right tools, best crops, etc that players will have to keep in mind while gardening in Palia. While it may look easy on the surface, you will find it incredibly complex given that it’s just a cozy Sim MMO. So if you are wondering about all the questions about Gardening, here is a guide that will explain and cover every aspect of it.

Palia Gardening Guide

Players can unlock Gardening by talking to Badruu and completing the quest Gardening 101 in Palia. While completing the quest you will acquire the skill and with it, you will get your hands on your first Makeshift Hoe, Makeshift Watering CanCan, some seeds, and two soil patches in the game. Each soil patch consists of a 3×3 grid where players can plant their crops according to the layout they want.

How to Grow & Harvest Crops in Palia

how to grow and harvest crops in palia
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To grow crops in Palia, players will have to first place the soil patches in their home plot. Once the patches are set, here are the steps you can follow to grow and harvest the crops:

  • Press R to select the Makeshift Hoe at your disposal and use it to till the land by holding down the left click while dragging it across the patches.
  • After which there will be a 3×3 grid layout for you to plant your crops accordingly. You can then grab the seeds from your inventory and plant one crop per tile in the game.
  • Once the crop is placed, it becomes more than important to water it every day. Press R and select the Makeshift Watering Can to water the plants while gardening in Palia.
  • Keep watering the plants until the bar above them fills up. Players will have to water them every day since waking up at the earliest at 6 am in the game.
  • Each plant will take specific days to harvest after which you can harvest them by pressing X.

Best Crops to Grow in Palia

list of all the best crops in palia
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There are various crops that you can plant on your farm plot which have unique properties on themselves while Gardening in Palia. As mentioned earlier they take their days to harvest and the seeds can be purchased for gold from Zeki. Here are all the crops you can cultivate in the game:

  • Carrot: 15 Gold (Stops Weeds)
  • Onion: 20 Gold (Stops Weeds)
  • Wheat: 25 Gold (Increase in Harvest)
  • Rice: 23 Gold (Increase in Harvest)
  • Potato: 40 Gold (Water Retaining Properties)
  • Cotton: 40 Gold (Increases crop quality)
  • Tomato: 80 Gold (Water Retaining Properties)
  • Blueberry: 45 Gardening Medals (Less Harvest Time)
  • Apple: 280 Gardening Medals (Less Harvest Time)

Among these, the best crops to grow and harvest would be Tomatoes, Cotton & either Blueberry or Apple. With tomatoes’ high water retention, they can be harvested every two days making them one of the most profitable crops in Palia. While Cotton increases crop quality, Blueberry & Apple are both profit-maximizing options.

All Gardening Tools & How to Upgrade in Palia

list of all the best crops in palia
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There are only three Gardening Tools that players will have to keep with them while Gardening in Palia. This includes the Hoe, Watering Can & Soil along with Fertilizers in the game. These tools can then be upgraded further from Makeshift up to Exquisite level. Although while upgrading, players will also need to level up their farming level in Palia. Soil patches are available for gold and can be purchased in the game. Here are the materials and levels required to upgrade the tools:

  • Makeshift Hoe: Completing Gardening 101
  • Standard Hoe: x500 Gold , x5Copper Bars & x20 Sapwood Planks (Level 4)
  • Fine Hoe: x1500 Gold, x5 Iron Bars , & x10 Heartwood Planks (Level 7)
  • Exquisite Hoe: x3000 Gold, x2 Palium Bars & x5 Flow Infused Planks (Level 9)
  • Makeshift Watering Can: Completing Gardening 101
  • Standard Watering Can: x250 Gold, x5 Copper Bars, x20 Sapwood Planks (Level 3)
  • Fine Watering Can: x1500 Gold, x5 Iron Bars , x10 Heartwood Planks (Level 6)
  • Exquisite Watering Can: x3000 Gold, x2 Palium Bars , x5 Flow-infused Planks (Level 9)

Along with these, you will also unlock Seed Collector, Preserves Jar & Worm Farm for fertilizers on different levels. Players can craft Fertilizers by purchasing the recipes from Badruu and upgrading it accordingly in the game. Here are all the types of Fertilizers you can get your hands on while gardening in Palia & which have different qualities accordingly:

  • QualityUp Fertilizer
  • HarvestBoost Fertilizer
  • SpeedyGro Fertilizer
  • WeedBlock Fertilizer
  • HydratePro Fertilizer

Best Crop Layout in Palia

all the best crop layout
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Players looking for the best crop layout to plant the seeds accordingly while Gardening in Palia can refer to this thread on Reddit for its optimal use. The thread specifies all the important characteristics the layout should tick off. We recommend you plan the layout accordingly as different crops can boost your harvest and even reduce your harvest time. As suggested in the thread, we recommend you plant the crops Orthogonally adjacent to each other to yield better results in the game.

That’s everything covered on the Palia Gardening Guide. Check out our dedicated Palia section for more interesting guides like these right here on Gamer Tweak.

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