Palia: How To Get Heartwood To Make Planks (Foraging Guide)

Looking for Heartwood and Heartwood Planks in Palia? This foraging guide has got you covered.

Palia’s Heartwood Planks are the necessary ingredients for the Standard Ax upgrade. And upgrading Standard Ax gives you Fine Ax, which is the level 3 Ax of the game. Now if you are someone who finds it hard to differentiate between trees, finding a specific one can be a big hassle for you. Fortunately, even among the trees that give Heartwood, some have distinct features. Wondering which are they? Read along and learn how to find, chop and get these woods in the game.

Where to Find and Forage Heartwood Planks in Palia

How To Get Heartwood In Palia And Make Planks

You get Heartwood by chopping trees that look like Pine in Bahari Bay. And just like real Heartwood trees, these are strong. You have to upgrade your Ax to the least Standard Ax for chopping these trees. Now talking about distinct trees, these trees look like Pine, but they have a purple glowing section like the image. You can easily recognize them in the dark. And even though they are easy for the eyes, they aren’t easy to take down. They heal themselves even when you are chopping them, so you can take the help of other Palians or simply chop the non-glowing Pine trees for Heartwood in Palia.

How to Make Heartwood Planks

To make this plank in Palia, you need to buy Heartwood Plank and Sawmill recipes from Ashura. And that requires a certain level of Foraging. You can increase your Foraging skill by chopping down trees and gathering plants from anywhere in Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. Though you need Ax for chopping, gathering needs no tool.

  • Once you have both recipes go to your Worktable.
  • Select the Sawmill recipe, craft, and place it on the ground.
  • Use Sawmill and select the Heartwood Plank recipe to craft these planks.

That’s all on how to get Heartwood and make Planks in Palia. If you are looking for more topics from this game, check out our Palia guides. And while you are here, read how to make money fast and join friends for multiplayer.