Palia: How To Make Money Fast (Gold Farming Guide)

Use these methods to make money or Gold fast in Palia.

Money is the most essential item in Palia. You require Gold for buying Forging, Mining, Fishing, and even Glider recipes. And resources that are hard to find or cannot be obtained are purchased with it too. So money is required anywhere and everywhere in the game, let it be daily life or adventure, you cannot go without it. And there are plenty of ways to earn money, but some methods excel overall. This guide covers all such fast and easy ways to make Gold in the game.

How to Make Money or Gold Fast in Palia

Best Money Making Methods In Palia

You get money from selling items to Zeki or placing it in the Shipping Bin. Zeki works at a General Store, and you get Gold instantly after selling the goods to him. If you place items in the Shipping Bin, you will receive money after a few minutes. Selling is the primary way of getting money, but you can also make Gold by completing quests and the main storyline tasks. Now, let’s learn about the money-making items of Palia.

Hunt to Get Gold Fast in Palia

Hunting is probably the most profitable activity of the game. It is fast, and you sometimes get unexpected goods after killing a creature. You can get a decent amount of money by selling meat, antlers, and other items from hunting, but there is another way linked to hunting which gives more Gold. You can hunt Sernuk from Proudhorn Falls, Mirror Fields, and Whispering Banks and turn Sernuk Hides into Leather after selling the other parts. Use Leather in furniture and Glider and then sell the excess to make money in Palia.

Forage and Sell Goods to Make Money in Palia

Foraging is another time-saving and profitable way of making money. You get plenty of useful resources required for the activity just by strolling in Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay of Palia. Plus, you need these crafted items for other recipes, and this will help you create the excess amount. You can then sell the extra for Gold. The best thing about this activity is that it requires no equipment, just pick them up.

How to Money From Farming and Gardening in Palia

Plants that grow multiple amounts of any vegetable should be your top priority; such as Tomato. Rice and Carrots grow fastest, but Carrots don’t give much Gold, so go for Rice. If you are ready to wait for four days, then Onion and Wheat are also good options. And if you are set to wait for over nine days, then you can plant Blueberry and Apple.

With this, you can now make fast and easy money in Palia and buy recipes for upgrading Tools and more. The game is filled with engaging activities, so if you want to learn more about them, check out our Palia guides. And while you are here, read how to add friends and remove crops in the game.