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How To Remove Crops In Palia? (Answered)

Looking to get rid of the crops? Check out this guide to know how to remove crops and free up slots in Palia.

Wondering how to remove the planted crops and free up some slots for others in Palia? Gardening is one of the most crucial aspects in the cozy Sim MMO, that players will come across. Players will also need the best crops to grow and the right tools to use as the game progresses. As gardening will take a hefty amount of your time, you might think to free up some of your slots and plant some profitable & unique ones instead. And as the game doesn’t explain to you the specific mechanic, here is a guide to know if there is a way to get rid of the crops you already planted in the game.

How to Remove Planted Crops in Palia?

how to remove planted crops in palia
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Unfortunately, there are no dedicated ways through which you can remove the crops you have already planted in Palia. Players will have to wait for the already planted crops to grow and then harvest them to free up the slots. The crops will take up some time to harvest accordingly. Each crop will grow over days which is why players will have to think carefully before planting them in their soil. Another option for players would be to buy a new set of soil altogether. However, it might cost some Gold and can be expensive at times.

The game is still in its Open Beta and the devs may consider adding the option in the future. With many players wondering the same, they might even be aware of the requests and have plans to do so. Although you will have to keep tabs on all the updates. And till then your best bet would be to harvest the crops in their entirety to remove them and free up the slots in Palia.

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