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How To Get More Storage In Palia

Want some more slots in your inventory? Here is a guide on how to get more storage for your items in Palia.

With limited storage and the need to get & store more and more items, there is only so much players can do while exploring the world of Palia. In this cozy life sim, you will come across a ton of items, crafting materials, food, and even critters as you go on learning skills, completing quests, etc. Although not having enough storage can be a bummer, when you want to collect the items you come across. And at times like these, managing your storage is equally important in the game. So if you are wondering how to increase your storage or inventory space in Palia, check out this guide to know all the methods you can try.

How to Increase Storage in Palia

how to increase storage in palia

Players can get more storage by crafting more Wooden Storage Bins at first in Palia. The recipe for the storage bin is available for players after completing the Welcome To Palia quest and talking to Hodari. Once you make a worktable for yourself, players will be granted the recipe for the bin. After which you will need some required materials to craft the wooden storage bin and increase storage accordingly. Players will need x20 Sapwood Planks and x2 Flint in the game. After which they will be able to craft the chest and store their items. A Wooden Storage Bin will hold up to 400 items and you can have around 8 of them on your plot. We would recommend crafting all of them first. It will give you a ton of storage at the start with common materials.

Once you have exhausted all of them, you can move toward other storage bins in the game. This includes the Lockbox, Copper & Iron Storage Bin which can be bought from Tish’s furniture store in Palia. While the Lockbox Storage Bin will let you have additional 100 items per chest, the copper & iron will let you store 825 and 1250 items respectively. Although players will need to have enough Gold at their disposal in the game. Here are the materials required and how much the recipe cost in the store:

  • Lockbox Storage Bin: 1000 Gold (x10 Sapwood Planks & x2 Copper Bars)
  • Copper Storage Bin: 25000 Gold (x1 Wooden Storage Bin, x30 Sapwood Planks & x4 Copper Bars)
  • Iron Storage Bin: 100000 Gold

For players looking to further increase their inventory space in Palia, you can upgrade your backpack. This can be done from the General Store in Kilima Village. This will let you have more slots to store items in the game.

That’s everything covered on how to get more storage in Palia. If you find this guide useful, check out our guides on how to get silk thread & where to get eggs, and for interesting guides like these look out for our dedicated Palia section.