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How To Get Silk Thread In Palia

Wondering how to get Silk Thread in Palia? Here is a guide on where you can get them and make silk sheets or complete quests in the game.

Wondering how to get Silk Thread to craft sheets for your Furniture Sets in Palia? If yes, then don’t worry we have got you covered. While there are many essential crafting materials, players will find these threads to be on the rarer side. Players can use the Silk Thread to craft Silk which in turn can be used for furniture sets like beds, etc in Palia. Not to mention, you will need them to complete certain quests in the game. And with the material not available in any guild or store, it can be tricky and confusing to find it everywhere. So if you are looking for the Silk Thread everywhere but don’t know exactly how to get them, then check out this guide further as we will explain everything.

How to Obtain Silk Thread in Palia

how to obtain silk thread in palia
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Players can get their hands on the Silk Thread by catching Bugs while exploring different areas in Palia. To learn the Bug Catching skill, players can interact with the Mail Carrier named Auni in the game. He will hand over to you your first Makeshift Belt that you can use to catch different insects and bugs. Players can use smoke bombs to stun the bugs and catch them accordingly. Although it is worth mentioning that not all bugs will drop Silk Thread in the game. Due to its rare nature, only bugs with Rare or Epic rarity will drop the threads as a secondary drop.

What makes things more difficult is the specific nature of all the insects in the game. All the bugs and insects that players will come across have specific timings of the day and in different areas. So to make things easy for you, here are some of the rare bugs you can catch along with the area and timings that drop Silk Thread in Palia:

  • Firebreathing Dragonfly: Kilima Valley (Day & Night)
  • Fairy Mantis: Bahari Bay (Day & Night)
  • Jewelwing Dragonfly: Bahari Bay (Day & Night)
  • Leafstalker Mantis: Bahari Bay (Day & Night)
  • Spitfire Cicada: Bahari Bay (Morning)
  • Scintillating Centipede: Bahari Bay (Day & Night)
  • Princess Ladybug: Kilima Valley (Day & Night)

These are some of the bugs you can catch which will drop Silk Thread accordingly in Palia. You can then use 5 threads to craft Silk after getting your hands on the recipe and completing Furniture Making level 6 in the game. Another instance where players will have to use them is in the Louder Than Words & Badruu Blues quest.

That’s everything covered on how to get Silk Thread in Palia. Check out our guides on how to Craft Fabric Loom & how to get Glow Worms in Palia, right here on Gamer Tweak.