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How To Craft Fabric Loom In Palia

Build Fabric Loom in Palia to get affordable Fabric and Leather for Sticky Smoke Boom & Glider.

Wondering how to craft Fabric Loom in Palia to get Fabric cheaper? Fabric Loom is one of the crafters whose recipe you purchase from NPC after a certain level of Proficiency in one skill. This loom not only crafts Fabric but is also used for crafting Leather in the game. And these products are sold for a good price. You can even make other products from them to get even better Gold. Plus, you need Fabric and Leather for Like a Bird and Surprise Present quests. Fabric is also a base ingredient of Sticky Smoke Boom.

How to Get Fabric Loom and Craft Fabric in Palia

How To Craft Fabric Loom In Palia

You can purchase the Fabric Loom recipe from Tish after you have reached level two of Furniture Building. And you need 15 Sapwood Plank, 20 Plant Fiber, 2 Copper Bar, and 5 Ceramic for crafting this loom. Reaching level two is not difficult, you can keep crafting products from Workbench to reach it. And once you have reached the level Tish will mail you saying that new recipes are available. Then you can follow these steps to visit her store, purchase and build the Fabric Loom.

How to Build Fabric Loom

  • Find Tish with the Map. You can press the M button to open the Map, and then check where she is.
  • Approach Tish and press G to Open Store.
  • This will take you to the Furniture Making Guild Store.
  • Select the Recipe: Fabric Loom and buy it for 100 Gold.
  • Go back to your house and use Worktable to craft the Fabric Loom of Palia.
  • Place the loom on the empty land.

How to Make Fabric in Palia

  • Approach the Fabric Loom and select Fabric from the Recipe List.
  • You need one Cotton to craft one Fabric sheet. You can purchase Cotton Seed from the General Store and harvest them to get Cotton.
  • Beside the Recipe List, you will have a Hopper box. Place the Cotton in it and start the process.
  • One Fabric will take eight minutes to create.

This is all about how to get and use Fabric Loom in Palia. If you are looking for similar topics from the game, then check out our Palia Guide. And start by reading how to get Blueberry and Glow Worms.