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Palia: How To Get And Grow Blueberry (Gardening Guide)

These are all the ways to obtain Blueberries and get Blueberry seeds in Palia.

In Palia Blueberry is one of the most profitable fruits. You can use it in the recipe, sell it for money and unlock & complete quests with it. Its base value is 39 Gold, and the star quality price is 58 Gold. And this crop will give you a garden buff when harvested. So there is a lot this small fruit can achieve. Now, there are three ways to get blueberries and blueberry seeds in the game. You can purchase its seeds, get it as a gift from one NPC and obtain it from one device. Read along to learn about all the ways in detail.

How to Get Blueberry and Its Seeds in Palia

Palia Blueberry Guide
Purchase It With Gardening Medals

Once you have reached level 10 of Gardening, you will get Gardening Medals for completing weekly quests. These medals will unlock the Blueberry seeds for you. You need 45 Gardening Medals to buy one pack of Blueberry seeds. And you can buy these seeds from Badruu’s Gardening Skill Store.

Get Blueberry as a Gift in Palia

Badruu, the one who teaches you farming, is also the character that gives you Blueberries. But for that, you have to increase the friendship level 3 with this NPC. You can use this villagers gift guide to learn what he loves and get the level easily. Now, once you have reached the level, he will give you 5 Blueberries, which you can place in the Seed Maker or Seed Collector to get the Blueberry seeds in Palia.

How to Get Blueberries From Seed Collector

First, you have to reach level 2 of Gardening. Once you do that, this recipe will unlock for purchase from Badruu’s Gardening Store. Buy this recipe and craft the Seed Collector. Place it anywhere empty. After placing it the name you will see is Seed Maker. You can now put any vegetable or fruit of the required amount to get the Seeds within hours or minutes.

How to Grow or Harvest Blueberry in Palia

  • Go to your house after you have collected the Blueberry Bush Seeds from any of the above methods.
  • Place Soil patches on the empty plot.
  • Use a Hoe to till the land.
  • Then take the seeds from your inventory.
  • Plant them on 2×2 squares.
  • Put fertilizer and water them to get the harvest.

That’s all about how to get Blueberries and use Blueberry seeds in Palia. Since you are interested in farming, you should visit our Gardening guide and learn how to expand farm plots with our Palia guides.

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