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How To Expand Or Get More Farm Plots In Palia

Expand and unlock more farm plots with this Palia guide.

If you want to focus on farming, you will need more farm plots in Palia. Investing all in one activity is always a good strategy, as it allows you to excel in one part and take profit from linked ones. Such as in the case of farming, you can sell the fruits and vegetables for Gold or use them as an ingredient for cooking. There are so many delicious and expensive dishes you can make and sell with these fresh ingredients. You can make Apple pie, Hearty Vegetable Soup, Veggie Fried Rice, Ramen, and more. Most recipes require farm produce, so get the extra plot and become the top-grade farmer and chef.

How to Unlock Expansion and Get More Farm Plots in Palia

How To Expand Or Get More Farm Plots In Palia

You need a Writ of Expansion to expand your plots in Palia. These Writ are purchased from the City Hall Store. And Writs are special kinds of items, so you cannot obtain them with money. You need Renown to purchase Writ from the store. And the amount of Renown can change depending on the number of plots or farm plots you own in Palia.

How to Get Renown for Buying Writ

You can collect Renown from various activities like giving presents to villagers, leveling up skills, unlocking achievements, and doing something for the first time. You get a small amount of Renown for completing Community requests too. Such as, if you have extra Leather and someone is requesting it, go to the Community page, press the gift icon, and give them the item.

How to Use Unlock Expansion and Get More Farm Plots in Palia

Unlock Expansion And Get Plots In Palia

  • Once you have collected the required Renown, go to the City Hall.
  • Approach the counter attended by Kenyatta. And press F to open the City Hall Store.
  • Select Writ and press Purchase Item.
  • Go to your house and press H from the keyboard to open the house menu.
  • You will see plots with locks on them. Click on the plot you wish to unlock.
  • Confirm Unlock Expansion and get the land. Use the same steps to unlock farm plots in Palia whenever you buy Writ.
  • Lastly, place Soil patches to turn that land into a farm plot.

This was a quick guide about how to expand and get more farm plots in Palia. If you are looking for more Palia guides, check the Gardening guide and get Heartwood for Fine Ax.