Palia: How To Fish Stickleback (Fishing Guide)

Use this fishing guide to catch Stickleback in Palia and get accomplishments.

Want to catch carnivorous fish Stickleback in Palia? Here is all you need to know about the creature, including where to find and how to catch it. So far, the fish hasn’t appeared in any quest, but it was part of Ashura’s weekly want. This uncommon fish can help you gain Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector & Master and Bahari Fish Collector accomplishments. You can even sell it for a good price of 70 and 105 Gold. So read along and level up your Fishing skills by catching this fish.

How to Catch Stickleback Fish in Palia

How To Get Stickleback Fish In Palia

You will find Stickleback in Kilima Rivers between Leafhopper Hills & Mirror Fields or Leafhopper Hills & Kilima Village. There is a water body bordering all three places, and that location is best for fishing Stickleback. You can catch them in the morning and day. And unlike many fishes of Palia, Stickleback cannot be caught without bait. You have to attach a Worm to lure this carnivorous fish.

Worms can be bought from the General Store, and they can also be farmed using Worm Farm. Once you have reached level 4 of Fishing, you can buy the recipe of Worm Farm from the Fishing Guild Store for 500 Gold. Worm Farm recipes can cost a lot, so use this money-making guide and purchase the recipe.

Catching fish can be difficult, as some fishes move a lot. So having an inventory full of Worms is recommended for catching Stickleback in Palia. If luck is on your side, you will also catch fish like Energized Piranha, Radiant Sunfish, and Kilima Greyling from the river. And make sure that you have Focus before starting the fishing, as this will give you more EXP for the skill.

That’s all you need to know for fishing Stickleback in Palia. If you are interested in fishing, you should check our Fishing guide. And if you are looking for more topics from this game, check our Palia guides.