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Palia: How To Fish (Fishing Tips & Best Spots)

Find out how you can unlock the Fishing Rod and Baits in Palia.

One of the most interesting features of Palia is fishing. The cozy community sim lets players catch fish to complete bundles, build relationships with villagers, or cook various recipes. Along with that, you can also sell the fish that you have caught for some easy gold. It is an important skill that is introduced quite early on in the game. However, many players have trouble learning the exact controls. Our guide below will show you how to Fish in Palia.

How to Fish in Palia

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You will learn how to Fish once you receive a fishing rod from Einar in Palia. Players can acquire it from the mailing system which gets unlocked during your first encounter with Auni, a young mailman. You will need to check your mail to get the Fishing Rod. Once done, you will need to head to a large body of water such as the Fisherman’s Lagoon or the Mirror Pond. Here is a step-by-step guide to fishing in Palia:

  1. Cast your Fishing Rod in the water by pressing the “left mouse button”.
  2. You can also hold a left click to cast your line at a specific spot.
  3. Now, allow the fish to nibble your line at least three times.
  4. When the fish bites, press the left mouse button.
  5. Once the fish is hooked, you will have to start reeling it in.
  6. Two green lines will also appear around the fish. Keep your fish within these markers as you reel it in.
  7. Your Fishing rod’s health bar will deplete if the fish isn’t reeled in within those green lines.
  8. Press the left mouse button again when the fish is close to pull it out of the water.

If you keep the fish within the green markers while reeling it in, you will get a Perfect Catch bonus. This will give you Renown as a possible reward. Once you catch the fish, you can go ahead and cook it. Making recipes like Fish Stew and selling them can help you earn a decent amount of Gold. Just make sure that you are using the right Bait to catch different species of fish. Worms and Glow Worms are the two types of Baits available to you. You will have to Attach Worms to your Fishing Rod in Palia before you set out to fish.

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That’s all you need to know on how to Fish in Palia. We hope that our guide helped you out. For more stuff on the game, head to our Palia section on Gamer Tweak.