Palia: How To Cook (Cooking Guide)

Here is a guide on how to cook in Palia and all the dish recipes you need.

Want to make the best dishes for your online friends? Then you will need to know how to cook in Palia. The MMO community sim lets players harvest crops, fish, catch bugs and even cook. Whether you are a foodie or not, you can cook the most delicious of dishes in the game. Consuming these dishes can help you increase focus and level up. If you want to know how to unlock the cooking skill, then our guide below should help you out. We have also shared a complete list of recipes for all dishes that you can cook.

How to Cook in Palia

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You will need to craft a campfire to be able to Cook in Palia. To do this, you will need to complete the Welcome to Palia quest. This will unlock the recipe for the Campfire. The Cooking skill will be taught to you by Reth. So, make sure you interact with him and start cooking dishes to complete quests or share them with your friends in multiplayer mode.

Cooking is the best way to earn XP in Palia. Though you will require Reth will help you unlock some cooking recipes, however, you will need to find the rest of them by exploring and progressing in the game.

All Cooking Recipes in Palia

Dish All Ingredients
Akwinduu Chapaa x1 Chapaa Meat, x1 Butter, x1 Potato, x1 Any Mushroom
Apple Pie x1 Butter, x1 Wheat, x1 Sweet Leaf, x3 Apple
Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms x1 Any Mushroom, x1 Butter, x1 Red Meat, x1 Tomato
Blueberry Pie x1 Butter, x1 Wheat, x2 Blueberry, x1 Spice Sprouts
Bouillabaisse x1 Any Bass, x1 Any Fish, x1 Wheat, x1 Potato
Celebration Cake x1 Blueberry, x4 Butter, x3 Egg, x3 Flour, x4 Sweet Leaf, x3 Jam, x1 Milk
Chapaa Masala x1 Milk, x1 Chapaa Meat, x1 Butter, x2 Spice Sprouts
Cream of Mushroom Soup x1 Mushroom, x1 Milk, x1 Spice Sprouts, x1 Wheat
Cream of Tomato Soup x1 Tomato, x1 Milk, x1 Wheat, x1 Onion
Creamy Carrot Soup x1 Carrot, x1 Spice Sprouts, x1 Milk, x1 Wild Garlic
Fish Stew x1 Any Fish, x1 Any Spice, x1 Wild Garlic
Fisherman’s Brew x1 Emerald Carpet Moss, x1 Crystal Lake Lotus
Fried Catfish Dinner x1 Any Catfish, x1 Flour, x1 Any Spices, x1 Onion
Grilled Fish x2 Any Fish
Grilled Meat x2 Any Meat
Grilled Mushroom x3 Any Mushrooms
Grilled Oyster x3 Oyster Meat
Hearty Vegetable Soup x1 Any Vegetable, x1 Any Spices, x1 Any Mushroom
Loaded Potato Soup x1 Potato, x1 Butter, x1 Any Red Meat, x1 Onion
Meaty Stir Fry x1 Cooking Oil, x1 Chapaa Meat, x1 Wild Garlic, x1 Any Vegetable
Palian Onion Soup x1 Onion, x1 Flour, x1 Wild Garlic
Ramen x1 Any Mushroom, x1 Egg, x1 Wheat, x1 Wild Garlic
Salisbury Chapaa N/A
Sashimi x1 Spice Sprouts, x1 Rice, x1 Any Fish
Sernuk Noodle Stew x1 Sernuk Meat, x1 Spice Sprouts, x1 Wheat, x1 Onion
Steak Dinner x1 Any Red Meat, x1 Wheat, x1 Butter, x1 Spice Sprouts
Sushi x1 Dari Cloves, x1 Any Fish, x1 Heat Root, x1 Vinegar, x1 Rice
Trout Dinner x1 Any Trout, x1 Any Spice, x1 Potato, x1 Wild Garlic
Veggie Fried Rice x1 Vinegar, x1 Egg, x1 Onion, x1 Wild Garlic, x1 Rice

That’s everything you need to know on how to cook in Palia. We hope you learned the best recipes to cook. For more guides such as how to cook Creamy Carrot Soup and Fish Stew, visit our Palia guides section.