Palia Creamy Carrot Soup Recipe: How To Get & Cook

Wondering where to find the Creamy Carrot Soup Recipe in Palia? Check out this guide to know how to get and cook it in the game.

Players looking to make a delicious dish out of their harvested carrots should look no further than the Creamy Carrot Soup in Palia. Once consumed this simple yet tasty recipe will help you gain some amount of focus back in the game. Not to mention, like other recipes which include Fish Stew, etc players can gift it or make money to be profitable. However, there is a set of ingredients that players will need and you won’t get to know them unless you learn the Creamy Carrot Soup recipe in Palia. Although while exploring the world and different areas, players might miss out on such recipes easily. To make things easy this guide will help you get your hands on it and stick around to know how you can cook the recipe in the game.

How to Get Creamy Carrot Soup Recipe in Palia

how to get & cook creamy carrot soup recipe in Palia

Players can get the Creamy Carrot Soup recipe by completing the Manners, Manners quest in Palia. The particular quest is classified as a friendship quest and is given to you by Caleri, the Librarian in Kilima Village. Caleri thinks you are a little ill-mannered and you will need to complete a set objective in the quest. To complete, players will have to read the book on her desk. Once done you can interact with Caleri again to get improved relationship status with her and some gold. You can then head out to your home plot where in the mailbox you will find a Library Card in the game.

Once you have the library card, you can head back to the library again. Here, you will find the Creamy Carrot Recipe on the upper shelf near the window in Palia. You can then learn the recipe by interacting and reading it in the game.

How to Cook Creamy Carrot Soup

To cook the Creamy Carrot Soup, players will have to gather all the required ingredients and will need a Standard Stove in Palia. Here are all the materials you will need at your disposal in the game:

  • Carrot: x1
  • Spice Sprouts: x1
  • Milk: x1
  • Wild Garlic: x1

After getting their hands on all the ingredients, players can interact with the Standard Stove in the kitchen. Once done, start by chopping up the Wild Garlic at the Prep Station while playing the mini-game to add it to the recipe. You can then add all the ingredients in the pot and stir it up to cook the Creamy Carrot Soup in the game. It will take around 1 minute for the soup to cook. Consume it to replenish your focus or you can be used as a gift for someone. Making this soup in the kitchen will award you with around 40 experience points in the game.

That’s everything covered on how to get the Creamy Soup Recipe in Palia. If you find this guide useful and are looking for more such interesting guides, check out our dedicated Palia section, right here on Gamer Tweak.