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Palia: How To Get Macarons Recipe (The Great Human Bake-off Quest)

Meet this NPC to learn the Macarons recipe in Palia and complete The Great Human Bake-Off quest.

Wondering where you can get Macarons recipe in Palia and what is The Great Human Bake-Off quest. It is a discovery quest that you dig in Bahari Bay around Flooded Steps. You find some ingredients listed on a paper called “A Very Old …Grocery List?“. Then you have to find a character who can figure out the recipe with the listed ingredients. The first name that might come to your mind is Reth, but he is confused too. Now going around and asking everyone about it will be very time-consuming. So read along and learn who gives you this dessert recipe.

How to Get Macaron for the Great Human Bake-off in Palia

How To Cook Macarons In Palia

Show the ancient grocery list to Hekla. He will tell you that these are ingredients for Human macarons. And he tells you that Macarons are a delicacy among Majiri because they use rare ingredients and are difficult to make. But that is not the case with the Humans Macarons recipe. They have created an easy recipe for it. After the conversation, he gives you the recipe, which requires:

In Palia, you make Macarons with a Mixing Station. And the Mixing Station recipe can be bought from the Cooking Store of Reth once you have reached level 3 of cooking. After you have bought the station’s recipe head to the Worktable, craft it, and place it. Now collect the ingredients and approach the Mixing Station. Select Macaron and press Make. You can collect the dessert after one minute. And it will give you 225 Focus Points. So increase your Focus limit and eat Macarons.

That’s all you have to do to get and cook Macarons in Palia for completing The Great Human Bake-Off quest. We have covered many topics from this game, so if you are interested, read our Palia guides. You can start with a cooking guide and then learn hunting.

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