Palia: How To Hunt (Hunting Guide)

Want to hunt down Sernuk & Chappa? Here is a guide on how you can hunt in Palia.

In the world of Palia, players can hunt down two creatures namely Sernuk & Chappa to obtain various crafting & cooking materials. And while hunting like any other skill in the game will take some time to get the hang of, players can till then polish their skills and learn more about it as the game progresses. Another reason why you should take hunting is that you will come across magical varieties of the two species in the forest. So if you are looking forward to learning the skill and where to exactly start, here is a guide on how you can hunt in Palia

How to Hunt in Palia

how to hunt sernuk & chappa in palia
Image source The Ginger Empire on YouTube

Players can hunt Sernuk & Chappa with the help of a bow and arrow in the world of Palia. You can learn it by interacting with the mail sent by Hassian and completing the Hunting 101 quest in the game. This will help you unlock the Makeshift Bow, after which you can hunt down any type of creature. You can hold down Left-click to aim the bow and arrow & release it whenever fits you right. Players can further upgrade the bow to Standard, Fine & Exquisite ones in the game. There are different types of arrows with unique properties that can be used while hunting down the two creatures. Here are all the arrows you will come across with different properties of their own:

  • Makeshift Arrow: 1 Damage
  • Standard Arrow: 2 Damage
  • Fine Arrow: 3 Damage
  • Dispel Arrow: High damage and also disrupts magical abilities of the creature (Hunting Level 8)

Players will come across basic Sernuk & Chappa in abundance in the Kilima Valley around areas like Pulsewater Plains, Whispering Banks, etc. Both of them can be hunted down with a single standard arrow or above in the game, while the makeshift ones will take more. If you miss out or startle the creatures they will run away. While the Sernuks will keep running away till they come to a stop, the Chappas will burrow themselves in a hole. Here are the rare types of both creatures and where can you find them and hunt in Palia:

  • Sernuk
    • Elder Sernuk: Kilima Valley & Bahari Bay
    • Proudhorn Sernuk: Kilima Valley & Bahari Bay
  • Chappa
    • Striped Chappa: Kilima Valley & Bahari Bay
    • Azure Chappa: Kilima Valley & Bahari Bay

We recommend you hunt down the basic species first and then hunt magical ones when you get the Dispel Arrow. As rewards players will be able to loot meat and hide for both of the species. In addition to that you will either find Sernuk Antlers or Chappa Tail depending on what species and which type of creature you hunt in the game.

That’s everything covered on how to hunt in Palia. For more interesting guides, check out our dedicated Palia section right here on Gamer Tweak.