What Ends Act 1 of BG3 & Things To Do Before Entering Act 2

Spoiler Free Guide: Here is are all important things you must do before Act 1 and how BG3 Act 1 Ends.

BG3 has three acts and the first one is approximately 20-25 hours long. BG3 Act 1 mostly focuses on learning the game mechanism, exploration, and upgrades. In this guide, you can check out the necessary details on BG3 Act 1 Ending, and how to enter Act 2. What are all the things you must do in Act 1 that will help you in Act 2?

BG3 Act 1 Ending Guide

BG3 Moonrise Tower

Enter into the Moonrise Tower & then enter into Shadow-Cursed Lands. You will always get a choice before switching to a new region. This will conclude you are entering into a new act. So once you are in Act 2, you cannot play Act 1 side-quest. It is better to wind up all necessary and important quests before entering into Act 2. This will reward you with some important gear and upgrades. Below is the list of things you must do before entering into Act 2.

  1. Play the Majority of Side Quest
  2. Recruit Companions like Shadowheart, Minthara, Astraion, and Wyll.
  3. Recruit Wither in Dank Crypt.
  4. Defeat the Goblin Leaders & visit the hidden Trader in Goblin Camp.
  5. Explore Underdark. A companion with Dark vision can help you a lot in exploring Dark areas.
  6. Check out all Companion romance options.

Recruiting S & A Rank companions will help you more during raids. Each of these companions has their own class, abilities, stats, etc. And they will also level up with you. A team of the most powerful companions will help you to clear up side objectives faster. Also, do not forget to complete all Companion’s side quests to learn more about their past. This also has rewards that will help you out future in the game.

BG3 Wither

Withers are very important NPCs that will let you reset your level and you can rebuild everything from the start. You can focus more on necessary attributes of your character level based on upcoming objectives. Once you recruit Wither they will join your party and will be available throughout the game. Neither will charge for their services, so keep some gold reay.

  • 200 Gold to Change Class
  • 200 Gold to Respec Character
  • 100 Gold to Sumon Hirelings

Can You Go Back To BG3 Act 1 from Act 2 or 3?

There are restrictions to return to Act 1 and it is only possible until you have not completed Gauntlet of Star in Act 2. If this objective is done then Act 1 is locked and you cannot return. Before this, you can still return and play over the main quest. You cannot play the remaining side-quest, however, the region will be available for exploration.

when you cross the Mountain Pass or Underdark you will get a choice that this is your final chance to return and complete your content. This is where Act 1 ends, and you enter Act 2. But the main quest and exploration is available, you can pass back to Act 1 regions from the same point.

So this was all about how Act 1 ended in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you are unaware of which act you are in then read our guide BG3 Identify Act Guide.