BG3 Roah Moonglow Location Guide – Goblin Camp Trader

Roah Moonglow is a hidden trader, she is a dwarf inside the Goblin Camp. She can give you some really cool items, but there are consequence when you choose to kill Goblin Leaders.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with hidden twists and turn-arounds. A wrong choice and you will lose some valuable supplies. During the quest to defeat Goblin leaders, you will be going inside a sanctum in Goblin Camp. Roah Moonglow is inside the sanctum. If you the play quest in a straight line, and kill three goblin leaders then you cannot trade with her. This guide has the list of wares she is selling and the location of this Goblin Camp Trader.

BG3 Roah Moonglow’s Inventory List

BG3 Roah Moonglow

Roah Moonglow has a huge inventory, she has some necessary potions, weapons, scrolls, etc. Below is the list of all the items she will be having in the inventory. You can then decide your trade with that or if prefer to loot her then take down the Goblin Leaders first.


  1. Antitoxin Potion: Cures Poisoned Creatures
  2. Potion of Poison Resistance: Poison will not affect you until the next long rest.
  3. Potion of Force Resistance: Gain Resistance until the next long rest.
  4. Potion of Healing: Recover 2d4+2 HP.
  5. Potion of Greater Healing: Recover 4d4+2 HP.
  6. Potion of Hill Giant Strenght: Get a 21 Strenght Score for 1 minute.
  7. Potion of Invisibility: Turn Invisible for 1 minute, attacking or casting spells cancels the status.
  8. Alchemist’s Fire: 1d4 Fire Damage per turn to any creature it hits.


  1. Arrow of Acid: 1d4 Acid Damage and creates an Acid Surface.
  2. Arrow of Darkness: Creates Darkness Surface.
  3. Arrow of Roaring Thunder: Push Target back.
  4. Arrow of Fire: 1d4 Fire Damage & creates Fire Surface.
  5. Arrow of Ice: 1d4 Ice Damage & creates Fire Surface.
  6. Arrow of Ilmater: 1d4 Necrotic damage & prevent targets from getting hitpoints until the next turn.
  7. Scroll of Acid Arrow: Shoot a green arrow that bursts in a spray of acid. 4d4 Acid damage + 2d4 Acid Damage at the end of the target turn.


  1. Scroll of Feather Fail: Immunity to falling damage.
  2. Scroll of Fire Ball: Hurl a mote of fire that causes 1d6 fire damage and creates a flammable surface.
  3. Scroll of Grease: Cover the ground with grease.
  4. Scroll of Hold Person: Paralyze a Humanoid creature.
  5. Scroll of Magic Missile: Create 3 Darts of Magic Force causing 1d4+1 damage each.
  6. Scroll of Ray of Frost: Call forth a frigid beam of blue-white light causing 1d8 cold damage and reducing target speed.
  7. Scroll of Revivify: Revive a companion with 1 hit point.
  8. Scroll of Web: Cover an area in thick, flammable webbing.

Weapons & Tools:

  1. Trap Disarm Toolkit: Kit to disable traps based on their sleight of Hand skill.
  2. Thieve’s Tools: Open Locks, destroyed on failed use.
  3. Datter +1: Uncommon Melee Weapon
  4. Glaive: Two-Handed Melee Weapon
  5. Greataxe: Two-Handed Melee Weapon
  6. Maul & Maul +1: Two-Handed Melee Weapon
  7. Pike & Pike +1: Two-Handed Melee Weapon
  8. Heavy Crossbow: Two-Handed Ranged Weapon
  9. Long Bow: Two-Handed Ranged Weapon
  10. Rapier & Rapier +1: Melee Weapon
  11. Torch: Melee Weapon
  12. Warhammer: Melee Weapon

With this Roah Moonglow also has 1489 Gold, and there are some metallic gloves, boots, helmets, and light armor also.

Where To Find Roah Moonglow Trader in Goblin Camp?

BG3 Roah Moon Location

Go to Shattered Sanctum which is located towards the north side of Goblin Camp. Enter through Heavy Oak Doors. Inside if you walk straight you will find Goblin Leader True Soul Gut. Take a right turn just before that and go up through the stairs. You will see Roah Moon roaming around the fire torch.

There is a consequence when you kill all three goblin leaders. You will not be able to trade with her, so it is best to first pay and visit and then proceed with the quest.

If you choose to kill all the goblin leaders and then pay her a visit she will attack you. Her guards also will turn into enemies, do not forget to kill them all and loot the entire area. Roah Moonglow is carrying 1489 Gold, it is worth loot with all other supplies just in case you can grab it all.

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