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All Companions In BG3 (Where To Find & Locations)

Don't want to leave anyone behind in Baldur's Gate 3? Here is the location where you can find every companion.

Looking for the location where you can find all companions to recruit them in Baldur’s Gate 3? Well, look no further. There are several characters that you will come across during your playthrough. Some like Lae’zel will join you as soon as you meet them (only to get separated later). While for others like Halsin, you need to do whole quest lines. There are even going to be situations where adding one to your party will end up sacrificing another character. So deciding what path you want to walk on is going to be a bit difficult. But thankfully, with this guide, you will know exactly where to look for them and what prerequisites you need to meet for recruiting them. So here are the locations of all companions that you can add to your party in BG3.

Note: While I will avoid spoiling things as much as possible, there will be mentions of some NPCs, locations, and quests, so be warned of minor spoilers ahead.

How to Find & Recruit all Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 (Locations)

Baldurs Gate 3 locations where you can find all companions

There are a total of 10 known companions that you can recruit as of now, below are them all and where to find them:

  • Shadowheart (Nautiloid)
  • Astarion (Near the crash site)
  • Gale (Roadside Cliffs)
  • Lae’zel (Druid Grove)
  • Wyll (Druid Grove)
  • Karlach (Forest of the Risen Road)
  • Halsin (Shattered Sanctum)
  • Minthara (Shattered Sanctum)
  • Jaheira (Last Light Inn)
  • Minsc (Abandoned Cistern)

Here are the different instances where you can recruit them all if you miss out the first time:



The first chance you get to add Shadowheart to your party is in Nautiloid, she will be stuck in a cell. Go to the room in the east and grab the Eldritch Rune. Go back and use it to free her from the pod. After the ship crashes, you should find her at the Ravaged beach.

In case you didn’t free her on the ship. Go north and you should find her outside the Ancient Door. Talk to her and you can recruit her.


Astarion all companion locations in BG3

Just like Shadowheart, you can meet Astarion while getting around the ship after defeating the brain enemies. Talk and you can easily recruit him.



  1. Interact with the Ancient Sigil Circle near Roadside Cliffs.
  2. Touch the Sigil then grab the hand.
  3. Your character will pull Gale out of the portal.
  4. During the conversation, you can recruit Gale here.


Laezel find companions in Baldurs Gate 3

  1. You first encounter Lae’zel in Nautiloid. But after the ship crashes she goes missing.
  2. Keep going north of the Roadside Cliffs.
  3. Eventually, you will come across Lae’zel. She has been captured and hung in a cage.
  4. There should be Tieflings nearby, make them leave the area.
  5. Once they are gone, shoot down the cage and free Lae’zel.
  6. Talk to her and you can make her your companion.



  1. Go to The Hollow in Druid Grove.
  2. You will find Wyll teaching a bunch of children here at the training grounds.
  3. Talk to him and during the dialogues, you should be able to recruit him easily.

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Karlach Baldurs Gate 3 companion locations

  1. After adding Wyll to your party, talk to him and he will give you the rough location to find her at Risen Road.
  2. Go to the coordinates X: 108 Y: 499.
  3. Talk to her and agree with helping her take down the Paladins of Tyr to make her join your party.
  4. Once at camp, Wyll and Karlach will have a conversation here, convince him that Karlach isn’t evil.
  5. She will join your party.

Before going any further you must decide who you need more you want in your party. You can either have Karlach, Halsin and Wyll or Minthara. This is because if you side with Halsin you lose out on Minthara. And if you side with her, you end up killing an NPC that can save Karlach and even though you saved Halsin he won’t join you. Also, Wyll won’t approve of what you did and will leave you. Though, there is a workaround method of how you can recruit both Halsin and Minthara, many claim it to be bugged. It affects your save. So it is better you decide whom you want in your party and whom you wish to sacrifice.



  1. Go to the Shattered Sanctum.
  2. Find Halsin and help him kill the 3 Goblin leaders. (You will lose Minthara here).
  3. He will go back to Emerald Grove, go there, and talk to him.
  4. Halsin will now join your party as a follower.
  5. Complete the “Wake up Art Cullagh” quest in Act 2 to add him to the party as a Companion.



  1. Do not kill her at the Goblin camp. (You have to kill the 3 Goblin leaders to save Halsin.)
  2. Give her the location of Druid Grove. (You will end up betraying Druids and Tiefling in the process.)
  3. Go along with her and kill everyone in Druid Grove.
  4. Now, you can make her join your party.



  1. You first meet Jaheira in Last Light Inn during Act 2 in the Shadow-cursed Lands.
  2. At this point, she will just be another NPC. Make sure you don’t kill her (especially if you want Minsc in your party).
  3. Continue the story and defeat Kethric Thorm in Moonrise Towers.
  4. Go back and talk to her again after the fight and you will be able to recruit her.


Minsc all companions locations and recruit guide for Baldurs gate 3

To find Minsc you need to do “The High Harper” quest during Act 3 of the game. Make sure Jaheira is alive and you have her in your party. In Abandoned Cistern, you end up fighting Minsc, do not kill him here instead knock him out. After the fight talk to him to add him to your party. Jaheira is needed when you are recruiting Minsc otherwise you will have no option but to end up killing him.

That covers every location where you can find the companions & how to recruit them in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you are just starting your playthrough then you should check out these topics on what save failed means, how cantrips & spells work, and how to respec companions. Also, if you are interested in any other guide for this game then you should find our BG3 section useful.