Valheim Mod Guide: Download Best Mods & Learn How to Install Them?

With mods, you can do a lot more in Valheim, unlocking some of the best structures, or become a superman.

Modding is a way to unlock the hidden features of any game. If you are Valheim and bored with exploration, construction, or crafting then here is a mod guide for you. In this article, we will talk about some of the best early mods for the Valheim game. Using these mods you can unlock some of the most unique and strongest buildings in Valhiem. You can unlock the advanced Character customization menu or just turn into a Superman where you break the rules of time, space, and speed. Here is a list of Best Valheim Mods for 2021.

Valheim Plus Mod

Valheim Plus Mod Download

An all-in-one mod for Valheim which brings various settings, multiplayer shared map system, and unlocks advanced mode for constructing buildings. The mod features options as you can manually adjust the weight. You can modify food duration and tweak it the way you want it. Its focuses on giving you full control over the game mechanism. For example, you can increase item stack size, or you can unlock an option to remove invalid placement restriction, etc. The advanced building mode lets you do more allowing you to move the objects the way you want as well modifying the item storage settings.

The same can be achieved via Valheim Trainer. It does unlock a lot of things, but it won’t add additional features. Check out the video above to learn about Valheim Trainer, it shows an option to speed up breaking buildings in seconds. Also, you can check the glimpse of all features of the trainer.

Download Valheim+ Mod

Advance Buiding & Character Mod

Valheim Building Mods

From the link below you can download two mods one is Advance Building Mod and the second is Character customization mod. If you are not looking to spoil the fun, these two mods help you with improving two major sections of the game. Lets us you can easily build a shelter, roof, docks,  etc. As we know Valheim is more about grinding. If you love to play the old way then go for these two. Character Customization will let you customize your character in detail. The same goes for the second one, it just removes the limit of building in Valheim.



Sktoolbox Mod Download

If you are looking to do more with the cheat console then this mod is for you. Valheim has a console that allows you to type in code to enable or disable the cheat. With this, there are more advanced commands that let you do more. For example, heal the player instantly or just kill all the nearby enemies or simply reveal every tombstone location on the map.


You can begin with the above mods’ suggestion at the start. These offer a ton of things to do in Valheim. I will be updating this guide regularly with more Valheim new mods download. You can visit our Valheim Wiki guide to get a list of amazing tips and tricks on the game.