How To Build A Roof In Valheim – Base Building Tips & Tricks

Read this article to know how to Build a Roof in Valheim.

Imagine this. You, a burly Viking, walking home after a long and tiring day in the 10th realm. You have tirelessly scavenged and foraged for resources that day. On the way back you come across a horde of heartless graydwarves and skeletons and now you are drenched in their blood. All that you crave is a warm bed and that’s when it strikes you, you don’t have a shelter of your own. Well, fear not brave warrior as this guide tells you how to Build a Roof in Valheim.

How To Build A Roof?

How to build a roof in Valheim
Read this guide to know how to build a roof in Valheim.

Having a shelter is very important in Valheim as it protects you from the elements and the many enemies lurking about. Any good shelter needs the basic things; a roof, 4 walls, a door, and a foundation. In Valheim you start with a basic shelter that houses your bed and your workbench.

The bed and the workbench both need to be placed under a roof and within 4 walls. These are 2 items that cannot be exposed to the conditions outside and for good reason. Who likes a wet bed and a wet workstation? Ugh. Talk about medieval times. The bed also acts as a respawn point and hence it is important to have one in your shelter.

You can start by constructing your shelter first. To look at the complete guide on how to build a shelter you can have a look at the interlinked guide. To explain in short, however, you need to construct a foundation and some walls along with a door, and then comes the roof part.

You have to open the crafting menu. Here you will see the option of a Thatched roof. Click on this and place it overhead the way you want. If you want to build a long continuous roof you will have to place the angled beams at finite distances to add stability to the roof structure. You can upgrade your living conditions as you go on in the game.

Roof Keeps Breaking In Valheim

The easiest way to check for the durability of your roof is to check when you are placing it. If the roof tile appears green it means it is sturdy. Yellow and red-colored roof tiles indicate a weak roof and one that will collapse.

In our research, we found it beneficial to place poles coming from the floor as support structures. Building a horizontal beam doesn’t seem to do much for the sturdiness. Using the angled beams is also a good idea to help support your roof.

This is all you need to know about how to Build a Roof in Valheim. While you are here also have a look at how to defeat Eikthyr and What is the best Bronze weapon.  For more similar guides and the latest tips check our Valheim Wiki guide.