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How to split Item Stacks in Valheim?

Here is a guide about how to share items with your friends and split them into chests.

Valheim is a multiplayer, role-playing simulator game. It allows you to relive the Viking lifestyle while you go out in a blaze of glory defeating Odin’s most feared enemies. The multiplayer mode allows you to bring out your most fearful warrior while you go on quests with your teammates. In fact, it is believed that it is better to play this game in multiplayer mode as it makes it easier to defeat enemies and collect various items.

Also at times, you might be carrying way too many items and since the item limit is 300 (it can be upgraded by 150 after visiting Haldor) it is better to split items among your friends rather than choosing what to leave behind and regretting it later. This makes it easier to carry more items that are usually required for building various items. In this guide, we teach you how to split Item Stacks.

How to Split Item Stacks?

How to Split Stacks in Valheim?

The first step is to open your inventory. Now, look at the items on the top left corner of your screen. Now highlight or choose the item you want to split. Now click shift and click the stack again. Now a ‘split stack’ option will come up on your screen. The game will automatically split the items down the middle in equal quantities. However, it is also accompanied by a slider that you can use to drop certain items according to the quantity you want. The slider also shows you the number of items that you have in your possession. The items in your inventory are identified by the number on the left.

You can use this method on any item that is present in your inventory. This makes the multiplayer mode even more involving and enjoyable.

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