How To Put Trophies On The Wall In Valheim

Wondering how to put the animal trophies on the wall in Valheim? You've come to the right place

A great hunter in Valheim always puts trophies on the wall to signify the greatness of the hunt and respect the animal they fought so hard to beat, also the fact that it looks absolutely amazing and adds a new dimension isn’t to be ignored as well. If you want to keep trophies mounted on the wall in Valheim, you should read this guide right now.

How To Put Trophies On The Wall In Valheim

Putting trophies on the wall in Valheim is easy, but you will have to wait a fair bit in the game before you can decorate your house with dead animals. You will need to wait until you learn how to craft a smelter, bronze, and fine wood. Once you have this, you will get the option to put trophies on the wall in Valheim.

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You will need to start gathering resources to create a smelter first, it can take a bit of time but our guide on it can ease up the process for you. After that, you will require Bronze and everyone knows that you need two different types of metals and combine them to create Bronze.

As soon as you get bronze, you will learn the recipe to create bronze nails and as soon as you create bronze nails you will learn how to create items stands. You will require 4 fine wood and 1 bronze nail, to create one be in the proximity of a workbench and then make sure that the hook is facing away from the wall.

When you’re placing the item stand on the wall, you can choose any of the trophies that you currently have from the Hotbar and you will be able to put them up easily.

This is all there is to know about how to put trophies on the wall. You can even use trophies for other things like to summon a boss in Valheim. Animals in the game often provide, more than just trophies and if you know how to tame them in the game. You will always have a steady supply of useful things that will often come in handy.

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