How To Stack Chests In Valheim

Wondering about how to stack chests in Valheim? Make sure to check this trick out

Stacking chests in Valheim will help you to increase your storage place inside your home, when you’re starting house, you most probably will have a humble abode and not much place to store your valuables in. This simple trick will help you maximize the space available to you and help you store more items.

How To Stack Chests In Valheim

To stack chests in Valheim, you will need to place chests on the ground inside your house, now place a single tile of wood floor on it connected to the wall. Now, you will be able to stack a chest on top of it. You can repeat this process as many times as you have, provided you have enough space inside your house. This is all there is to it, once you master the art of stacking chests up, you will be able to store all your valuable items inside it and wander out into the wild with only the necessary things without having the fear of losing them.

how to stack chests in Valhalla

Stacking chests has been a concept in many video games and it helps gamers to exponentially increase the storage size inside their house or settlement. Once you get the hang of stacking chests, storing things becomes far easier and inventory management will become less of a hassle.

In a survival game like Valheim, how you manage your inventory matters a lot, things like having your useful resources stored safely will ensure that you can get access to them easily without having to farm for any item repeatedly.

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Chests help to store a lot of items in Valheim and can be crafted easily, what’s better is that you can dedicate a blank wall to stack chests up and create a treasure for yourself.

Beware of using this trick in multiplayer as players can grief and steal all of your valuables easily. Make sure that the house you’ve built is quite strong and can withstand forces of nature, though any small establishment will do, we recommend building a house that can store multiples of chests.

This is all there is to know about how to stack chests in Valheim, inventory management is key to a successful campaign in the game and we highly recommend using this trick. While you’re here you might want to check out our useful guide on the best weapons that you can craft in Valheim.

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