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Outriders Best Devastator Builds – Max Damage Build Guide

This build focus on maximizing damage, so that no one can stand in front of you.

Devastator is a heavy class in Outriders, it is the one who is slow and carries powerful weapons. Some speed is sacrificed for power, and this is where if you don’t know how to use it you won’t survive. Outriders are not camper’s, it’s a loot and shoot game where you have to think fast but act strategically. Enemies level up in numbers and strength in different world tiers. Thankfully we are not just relied on the weapon, a set of three special abilities can help to turn tables in seconds. In this guide, I will help you with the best Outriders Devastator build. If you love this character then here are the best set of abilities, skills, weapons, and armors you must carry to become unstoppable.

Best Devastator Build


Best Devastator Build Outriders

The Devastator Build in Outriders has three different types Vanquisher, Warden, or Seismic Shifter. Before we start with our build tips it is necessary to understand the three types. You can choose of the three categories depending on your combat style.

  1. Devastator Vanquisher: Focus on high weapon damage, close-range damage, critical hits, and high ammo size.
  2. Devastator Warden: Focus on Health Boost, Faster Ability Cooldown, and Team Buffs.
  3. Devastator Seismic Shifter: Focus on getting more Ability Damage, Anomaly Power Boost, and Armor Bonus. A build with Damage + Health Boosts balanced.


Each of these types has a Speciality Perks, that unlocks some additional buffs on the battlefield. Without having a knowledge of these perks you cannot finalize your build.


  1. Confrontation: +10% physical damage reduction for 5 Seconds for enemies who attack you. The effect is doubled if you damage that enemy.
  2. Altered Charge: Get +70% Weapon damage for 10 seconds at the end of Kinetic Skills.



  1. Overlord of the Battleground: +10% Health for every enemy killed at close range.
  2. Mighty Tank: +10% Armor Anomaly Power + Firepower.

Seismic Shifter


  1. Skilled Sentry: +20% Armor and Resistance for 10 seconds at the end of skills.
  2. Earth’s Heritage: +50% Seismic Skill Base Damage.

Devastator falls under the Tank class, which means he is the strongest one in the group. His damage and defense both are high, but with some limitations. We can overcome that by adding the right set of abilities, skills, gears, and weapons. The problem with Devastator build is it’s really a lot gear-dependent. As you keep o progressing towards the end game you will need many gears to survive, as enemies also level up with stronger armors.

Beginners Devastator Build:

  1. Skills: Earthquake, Gravity Leap & Golem.
  2. Class Points: Havoc, Colossus, Paladin, and Anomaly Bullets.
  3. Mods: Perseverance, Golem of Death, Armor Boost, Ground Crush, and Life Absorption.
  4. Primary Weapon: Grim Arrow or Migraine Sub Machine Gun.
  5. Secondary Weapon: A best Shotgun with high damage.
  6. Weapon Mods: Anomaly Surge, Fireworks, Hot Blood, Ricochet, and Vulnerability Bullets.

Best Devastator Build:

  1. Skills: Reflect Bullets, Gravity Leap & Golem.
  2. Class Points: Havoc, Strong Arm of the Anomaly, Unending Watch, Into the Fray, Perpetual Motion, Brawler, Shotgun Master, Anomaly in Veins, Resist the Mob, and Mighty Tank.
  3. Mods: Perseverance, Golem of Death, Armor Boost, Auto Reflect, Bullet Acceleration, and Bleeding Impulse.
  4. Primary Weapon: Legendary Automatic Shotgun – Death Shield.
  5. Secondary Weapon: Any powerful SMG.

Best Devastator Skills:

  1. Golem: -65% Damage for 8 seconds
  2. Reflect Bullets: Reflect all projectiles at enemies.
  3. Impale: Attack with large spikes from the ground, inflicting Bleed. A Leath Damage unlocks an additional buff. Bonus Armor + Health Regn to nearby allies for 9 seconds.

You can now check out the entire class tree of Devastator focused on three different types of combat style. This will help you to choose the best class and you can wisely spend the Class Points in Outriders.

Devastator Class Tree – Vanquisher

  1. Havoc: +8% Weapon Damage.
  2. Armorbreaker: +15% Armor Piercing.
  3. Brawler: +15% Close Range Weapon Damage.
  4. Assault Adept: +12% Assault Weapon Damage.
  5. Havoc: +8% Weapon Damage.
  6. Heirloom Armor: Get 20% of Armor for 10 Seconds when enemies die in Close Range.
  7. BullBull’s Eye: +20% Critical Damage.
  8. Havoc: +8% Weapon Damage.
  9. Assault Master: +7% Assault Weapon Damage for
  10. every unlocked Concentration class node. +12%
  11. Assault Weapon Drop Chance. You can get
  12. weapons like Assault Rifle, Light Machinegun,
  13. Submachine Gun, and Double Gun.
  14. Perpetual Motion: -15% KINETIC skills cooldown.
  15. Dry Them Out: +5% Weapon Leech.
  16. Bounty Hunter: +15% Damage against Elite. -15% Damage by Elites.
  17. Ammo Stockpile: +50% Magazine Size.
  18. Steady Hands: -30% Weapon Recoil.
  19. Brawler: +15% Close Range Weapon Damage.
  20. Bulletstorm: -20% Reload Time.
  21. Confrontation: Enemies who damage you will have
  22. their physical damage reduced by 10% for 5
  23. seconds. The effect is doubled if you damage that enemy as well.
  24. Armorbreaker: +15% Armor Piercing.
  25. Altered Charge: +70% Weapon damage for 10 seconds when KINETIC Skills end.

Devastator Class Tree – Warden

  1. Colossus: +10% Health.
  2. Anomaly in Veins: +1% Health per second.
  3. Into the Fray: +15% Damage Mitigation for 10 seconds after KINETIC skills end.
  4. Vim and Vigor: +10% Weapon Damage for each unlocked Anomaly in Veins Class Node.
  5. Resistance Paragon: +20% Resistance.
  6. Heirloom Armor: +20% Armor for 10 seconds when an enemy does in Close range.
  7. Profit Squared: +5% of Max Health on every ammo collected on the battleground.
  8. Outrider Commander: +20% Healing & +20% Shield for you and your team.
  9. Unending Watch: -15% for PROTECTION skill cooldown.
  10. Resist the Mob: +15% Increase Resistance for killing every enemy in Close Range.
  11. Tank: +20% Armor.
  12. Overlord of the Battleground: +10% Health for killing every enemy in Close Range.
  13. Unbroken Vow: +100% Chance to Ignore Damage that can kill you and +50% Health. The effect may occur every 180 seconds.
  14. Mighty Tank: +10% Firepower for Armor & +10% Anomaly Power.

Devastator Class Tree – Seismic Shifter

  1. Anomaly Reservoir: +6% Anomaly Power.
  2. Rejuvenation: +6% Skill Leech.
  3. Endless Tremors: -15% SEISMIC skills cooldown.
  4. Perpetual Motion: -15% KINETIC skills cooldown.
  5. Red Rivers: +30% Bleed Duration.
  6. Red Rivers: +30% Bleed Duration.
  7. Bloodbath: +30% Bleed afflicted on enemies.
  8. Blood Donation: +35% Health for Bleed damage.
  9. Skilled Sentry: +20% Armor and +20% Resistance for 10 seconds when your skills end.
  10. Stone Circle: Get 4 Meters of Close Range distance.
  11. Executioner: +20 damage for enemies below 30% of health.
  12. Protected by the Anomaly: +40% Armor Bonus of your Anomaly Power.
  13. EarthEarth’s Heritage: +50% SEISMIC skills base damage.

You can know closely verify the types of class buffs you can unlock for each type of Devastator Build. With this, you can craft out the best Devastator build-in outriders. Remember you will have to find the right set of gears to get the most out of this build when you are playing solo. It is a tiring task but once you have the right combination you can progress fast. That’s all for this build, check out our Best Pyromancer build on Gamer Tweak as well.