Outriders: How To Play Solo?

Here's how to play solo mode in Outriders.

Outriders is heavily focused on 3 player co-op gameplay, but you may not always have three gamer friends interested in this game at the same time. Can you play solo? Yes, you can. Playing the game solo is perfectly fine if you are willing to miss out on some cool features. In this guide, we will look at how to play Outriders in Solo mode.

How to Play Solo in Outriders?

The game can be totally played in solo mode or in co-op with up to three players. But while playing solo the main thing is to adjust your World Tier. World Tiers in Outriders is how the game difficulty is handled. This can be upgraded up to 15 different levels. This will make your game extremely difficult, but also gives you rewards like better loot and legendary weapons.
Play Solo Outriders

The game allows you to play any part of the game either in solo or Co-op mode whenever you want. You can play with your friends, strangers and also alone. The only thing in solo other than the World Tiers is that you will miss out on the skill & ability combos on enemies. In co-op, certain skills can be combined together to deal additional damages to your enemies. This will be severely limited in solo mode.

Also, note that World Tier will be increased automatically by default in Outriders. This will hurt you in solo mode, as sometimes you will not have the necessary weapons & gears for the newly unlocked tier. You need to farm multiple times to get better loot. So if you find yourself struggling in a World Tier, you can manually change it in the first option at the main menu. Also from here, you can disable auto-scaling in the Gameplay setting.

That’s everything there is to know about playing solo mode in Outriders. We have more guides about Outriders that will give you the necessary tips & tricks, like: