MultiVersus Beginner Tips & Tricks To Get Ahead Fast

Just started with the ultimate crossover? Check out our guide for beginner tips to get ahead fast in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is a recently launched action-platform videogame by Player First Games & WB Interactive. With a roster of iconic characters and unique mechanics, this ultimate crossover game has hit a mark amongst players. But with great gameplay elements, comes a responsibility to master them. We have compiled some tips and tricks for the players that have newly joined the club. So, here’s our guide for beginner tips to get ahead fast in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Beginner Tips to Get Ahead Fast

Here are some tips for beginners to master and win their matches:

Picking the Right Characters & Class Type

  • There are five distinct types of classes to play from a roster of action-packed characters.
  • These classes are Bruiser, Tank, Support, Assasin, and Mage/Ranged type.
  • We suggest practicing out a specific character and class initially to know them better.
  • Every character and class has its distinctive abilities and moves.
  • For example, the Bruiser class can deal with their enemies in close and long range.
  • But on the other hand, Mage class fighters are at their best for long-ranged combat.
  • What’s important is to analyze and try out the characters from different classes.
  • As you do so, you will also get to know which class type you are most comfortable with.
  • You can head over to a Lab to test out your characters and analyze their moves.

Understanding & Mastering Mechanics

  • There’s a wide range of different mechanics that can get a bit confusing for new players.
  • Some of these include Knockback Influence and Knockback Strike.
  • While the Knockback Influence can help you not to get knocked out, Strikes can knock your enemies out of the park.
  • All the characters have their own set of unique moves, abilities, signature perks, and passive attacks.
  • You can start with your favorite character to know them better.

beginner tips in multiversus

Using the Right Perks

  • Perks are the additional buffs that offer boosts or power-ups to the attributed character.
  • There are three types of perks to using for characters. They are Offense, Defense, and Utility perks.
  • As you increase the mastery level of characters, their perks are unlocked.
  • But what matters is using the right perks during critical moments in a match.
  • For example, a character like Steven Universe can use their perks for offense and defense.
  • His Watermelon Steven Go perk, plants a watermelon that heals your allies during a fight. And once your allies are healed, it transforms into small fighter to fight against their enemies.
  • Some characters like Bugs Bunny, Arya Stark, Batman, and Taz have the best perks.
  • You can check out our tier list for all perks.
  • But using these perks also results in a cooldown duration. So, use these perks at the right time during the fight.

Don’t Spam Attack

  • If you keep on spam hitting your enemies with the same moves, Attack Decay will be applied.
  • This mechanic reduces your inflicted Hit Stun and damage against your enemies. And this keeps on reducing the damage until you change your moves or abilities.
  • We suggest using different Combo attacks to avoid attack decay.
  • Pulling different combo attacks against enemies can also get you additional bonuses.
  • If you are looking for the right characters, check out our guide on the best characters for combo attacks.

Completing Milestones/Challenges

  • There are different challenges and milestones that you can complete in MultiVersus.
  • As you complete them, you earn plenty of XP.
  • It can help you unlock different rewards, and bonuses, and help you purchase the Battle Pass.
  • In addition to that, you can also complete the daily challenges.

Team Play over Solo

  • When playing an FFA or 2v2, we suggest focusing on teamwork rather than playing alone.
  • Aside from support characters, several characters can help their teammates with their moves and abilities.
  • For example, the Coffezilla perk offers your team a 10% reduced ability cooldown duration. If stacked with your ally, you can also get a 5% additionally reduced cooldown duration.

That’s all on the Multiversus Beginner tips and tricks to get ahead fast! If you are looking for more tips, check out our guides on how to play as Bruiser, Tank, Mage, Support, and Assassin class in MultiVersus right here on Gamer Tweak.