MultiVersus: How To Play Tank Class (Tips & Tricks)

This is a guide on how to play Tank Class in MultiVersus with all the tips and tricks.

MultiVersus is the epic crossover platform fighting game that has been launched for open beta by Warner Bros. The game has unlockable classic characters from Warner Bros., DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network. At the time of writing, there are 17 unlockable characters with 2 more to come soon. The game has multiple classes which define the gameplay of the character you choose. While each has different skill sets, there are similarities between characters of the same classes. This guide is on how to play the Tank Class in MultiVersus and has all the tips and tricks you need. If you are just starting the game and want to master this class, we recommend you check out this guide.

How to Play Tank Class in MultiVersus

MultiVersus Play Tank Class

While the name suggests slow, defensive, and heavyweight characters that deal less damage, the Tank Class in MultiVersus is nowhere close to that. While the Iron Giant is the only one that fulfills almost all criteria due to his size, he can still deal damage more effectively than a Bruiser. Superman might be heavy but he is nowhere slow on the battlefield. Although keeping that aside, this class is something you would love to play if you keep fights up close.

Why Play as Tank?

While theoretically they are slow, defensive, and heavyweight characters, that is not the case in MultiVersus. When played correctly, the Tank Class can bring to life any match for your team in MultiVersus. They deal high damage and can absorb heavy damage from your opponents. Their heavyweight means they are much better at ground play.

Although they are as much of a threat in aerial attacks as well. A Tank has higher chances of surviving an aerial duel when two characters are fighting in the air. While near the lower sections of the field, Tanks are best set to deal with any threat from the top. Although against a Mage Class, it might become difficult to defend against the projectiles that come below the ground.

Tips and Tricks for Tank Class

While playing the Tank Class in MultiVersus, one of the most important steps is to figure out your movement. Once you get a hang of the movement, the rest becomes easy. Since they are not that mobile, you will have to rely on the damage absorption of a Tank Class character. Nevertheless, since you are a Tank Class in MultiVersus we recommend you use the tips we recommend for you:

  • While each character has different moves but when paired with the right offensive partner can provide a solid defense. They can shield their allies for short periods allowing them the freedom to deal damage.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Tank Class is meant for defense but in MultiVersus, they are high damage dealers. Figure out the best combos and perks with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Iron Giant so you do not have to entirely rely on your Ally.
  • Test which specials, combos, and perks are going well with your character. You need to experiment with your character before you can fix on a particular setup. You can select one of the perks from this Perk Tier List while you experiment.
  • Armored Attacks of your character can be a strong attack but also a decoy. You can use it to dodge an opponent’s attack and hit a strong one.
  • In Lab, you need to test what kind of moves are working for your character. The Lab is the best place in MultiVersus when you are playing a new character. Whether you choose to play with Superman, Wonder Woman, or Iron Giant, you need to be at the Lab.

Once you get a hang of a Tank Class, you can pretty much defeat an opponent on your own. They are not an easy class to play with so it will take some practice before you can master them.

That’s all you need on how to play Tank Class in MultiVersus and the tips and tricks you need. While you are here, do not miss out on MultiVersus Guides for more with Gamer Tweak.