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MultiVersus All Perks Tier List

Here's a Perks Tier List for MultiVersus that will help you select which ones to take on to the battlefield.

While they are not the only thing that helps you win the game, choosing the correct perks depending on your play style and strengths is important. Additionally, there is no denying when combos and perks are combined well in MultiVersus, it gets easier to knock your enemies out. Since experimenting with which one is strongest may take time, this guide is for you. Check out this Tier List for the Perks in MultiVersus and then make a decision.

MultiVersus Perks Tier List


Tier List for MultiVersus Perks

Although victory does depend on the best 2v2 Team that you have, perks will be helpful in a 1v1. So here’s a Tier List for the Perks in MultiVersus:

Tier Perks
S Tier Triple Jump
S Tier Coffeezilla
A Tier Snowball Effect
A Tier Wildcat Brawler
A Tier Shirt Cannon Sniper
A Tier Make It Rain, Dog!
A Tier Deadshot
A Tier Tasmanian Trigonometry
A Tier Last Stand
A Tier Ice Projectile
A Tier The Purest of Motivations
A Tier Slippery When Feint
B Tier Damage Boost On Debuff Hit
B Tier Horizontal Damage Boost
B Tier Vertical Damage Boost
B Tier Painted Target
B Tier Lumpy Space Punch
B Tier Ice to Beat You
B Tier Slippery Customer
B Tier Toon Elasticity
B Tier ..In a Single Bound!
B Tier Wonder Twin Powers Activate
B Tier Leg Day Champ
C Tier Hit Me If You’re Able
C Tier Gravity Manipulation
C Tier Retaliation-Ready
C Tier Fancy Footwork
C Tier Speed Force Assist
C Tier Aerial Acrobat
C Tier I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge
C Tier Absorb ‘n’ Go
C Tier School Me Once
C Tier Kryptonian Skin
C Tier Stronger Than Ever
C Tier Back to Back
C Tier Boundless Energy
C Tier Clear the Air
C Tier Ability Refund Getting Hit
C Tier Hit ‘Em While They’re Down
C Tier Up, Up, and A-Slay
C Tier Percussive Punch Power
C Tier Armor Crush
C Tier Second Wind Beneath Your Wings
C Tier That’s Flammable, Doc!
C Tier Collateral Damage
D Tier Sturdy Dodger
D Tier Static Electricity
D Tier That’s (Not) All, Folks
D Tier Debuff Ability Refund


That’s all from this Tier List for the Perks in MultiVersus. While you are here, check out out MultiVersus Guides for more content that will interest you at Gamer Tweak.