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MultiVersus: How To Play Support Class (Tips)

Check out our guide for tips on how to play support class type in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus has five distinct classes with a roster of iconic characters from different franchises. Speaking of the class types, the Support class is as its name suggests. While these characters help out allies, they can also be defensive and offensive against opponents. But how can these characters be played out? Here’s our guide for some tips on how to play a support class in MultiVersus.

Tips to Play Support Class in MultiVersus


As mentioned, the Support class type is pretty effective in helping out allies and damaging your opponents. But it is only valid if these characters are used right. So here are some tips to play support class type:

Focus on Team-Work

One of the main advantages of Support classes is that they offer several buffs. These buffs can be used by themselves or shared with allies. Although they can fight, their damage output can be slightly lower than other class types. But support characters have a huge potential to carry their team with their abilities and perks. They can also heal themselves and their allies. So, it’s a pretty win-win with these characters. Currently, there are three Support fighters in MultiVersus. They are Reindog who is an original character, Steven Universe, and Velma from the show Scooby Doo. As you explore their moves and abilities, you will learn that they are also pretty easy to be knocked out. We suggest focusing on team play rather than fighting solo.


Offer Best Help to Allies

The best abilities of Supports involve healing their allies and offering them armor. Alternatively, Support characters can also assist their allies while damaging their opponents. For example, one of the attacks of Steven Universe, Watermelon Steven, Go! This special attack plants a watermelon during the fight and heals your allies over time. Once your ally is healed, the planted watermelon explodes into a fighter Watermelon Steven. He will assist your ally until the cooldown lasts.

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So, you need to choose the best moves and attacks to help out your allies. Also, make sure to use them at the right time.

Using Best Perks

Support class types have the best perks to use from. Velma’s signature perk, Knowledge is Power, grants her allies 7 Grey health. Another example includes Reindog’s Fire Fluff. It is an offensive perk that creates a huge firewall as it hits the ground. As you unlock more perks for these characters, choosing between offensive and defensive perks is crucial. This depends completely upon your match and your enemies as well as allies. You can also pick evasive perks to dodge offensive attacks from your enemies.


Practicing Support Class in MultiVersus

While this tip might seem a bit obvious, it is most overlooked. As you practice these support characters, you understand their moves, passive attacks, and perks. Head over to the Lab to test out your support characters. Regardless of the characters unlocked, you can test out all the characters in a Lab. It can also help you know which support characters should you unlock.

That’s everything covered on tips to play support class in MultiVersus. If you liked this guide, check out our guide on tips to play Bruiser class and Mage class and more MultiVersus guides right here on Gamer Tweak.