Which Are The Best Perks For Arya Stark In MultiVersus?

Need to equip Arya Stark with the best perks in MultiVersus? This is the guide for you.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover game released by Warner Bros. Here, you can play one of your favorite characters from DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network. Here to represent the House of Stark is Arya Stark. With her training from the Faceless Man, and travels around Westeros, she is not here for fun and games. She is only here to win. With her Needle and knife at her side, she is more than capable of taking the biggest and baddest in this game down. If you want to equip her with the best perks for this mission then this is the guide for you. Here is your guide on the best perks for Arya Stark in MultiVersus.

What are the Best Perks for Arya Stark in MultiVersus?

Best Perks for Arya Stark in MultiVersus

Arya’s class is Assassin and so she works best with her weapons. She definitely packs a punch but her strength lies in the air as she weaves and dodges her opponent’s attacks while still hitting them with all kinds of combos. Keeping these in mind, here are the best perks to enhance Arya and her moves on the battlefield in the game:

  • Betrayal – You can unlock this Signature Perk at level 8. Using this perk helps allies and Arya. When Arya hits her allies with her dagger, she gives them an enraged buff. Upon dashing into the same dagger that is attached to her ally, Arya will also enrage herself.
  • Percussive Punch Power – You can unlock this perk at level 12. Using this, your team deals 5% increased damage. The attacks here knock back enemies horizontally. With Arya’s skill set and this perk, you can easily send your opponents down the edge without any time to breathe.
  • Second Wind Beneath Your Wings – You can unlock this perk at level 11. Since Arya is at her best when she is in the air, use this perk to attack and trap an enemy in the air, thus ringing them out. You can even follow this by using a combo on a nearby second opponent to take them both out in one go. Or just dash over to the second one soon after. This perk resets air special attacks after an opponent is rung out.
  • Snowball EffectUnlocked at level 2, this perk has your team dealing 7% more damage to the enemy with the most damage. This effect is much more brutal than others as it goes after the weakest link. But Arya isn’t really known for her merciful attitude towards enemies.

With these perks, your girl is ready for anything. This was all there is to know about the best perks for Arya. Give these perks a try on her to see if they work for you and your playstyle. If you want to know how to make the game more fun then check out this guide on the best characters to first unlock from every class.

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