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MultiVersus: Best Characters To Unlock First From Each Class

Here are all the characters that you should unlock first in MultiVersus.

There are 17 characters in MultiVersus but knowing the ones that are best to unlock first can be very helpful. Out of these 17 characters, 4 are already available to play directly so you have to only worry about unlocking 13 characters. And to simplify the process for you we have listed down 5 fighters from each class that you should unlock first in MultiVersus.

Best Characters to Unlock First in MultiVersus

You should start by unlocking the character that you most like to play by trying them in Training. In case you don’t have any character preference then go for the following characters:

  • Arya Stark: Assassin
  • Batman: Bruiser
  • Wonder Woman: Tank
  • Tom and Jerry: Mage / Ranged
  • Reindog: Support

Let us check why you should unlock them over others.

Arya Stark

arya stark

The third child of Eddard and Catelyn Stark is the second-best Assasin in the game. While the best assassin is still Harley Quinn, you should unlock Arya if you don’t like Harley. You could also go with Finn but Arya is better in my opinion. She has some really powerful moves that you can combo with basic attacks.

Knife Thrower, this is the move that you can use to do some crazy recoveries. One moment you are falling out of the ring, and boom, the next thing you are back on stage. And even if you don’t consider the uses of it as a recovery move. You can use throw it at an enemy to quickly dash at them. She also has a special called the Face Stealer which allows her to steal the face of her enemies which lets her stun them. And to add salt to the wound she taunts the opponents as the fighter she stole the face of. Combine these with her other moves and you can do a lot of damage to your opponents.

You can unlock her for 3000 Gold or 700 Gleamium.


batman best characters to unlock first in multiversus

Batman is definitely a fighter that you will want to unlock. While you have other options like LeBron, Jake, and Garnet. Their abilities don’t come exactly close to Batman’s. Two of the most notable attacks of the Caped Crusader include the Smoke bomb and the Bat-bomb.

Smoke bomb can be very terrifying for the opponents as not only does it slow them down, but also makes batman invulnerable for a short while. It also adds limited buffs to the allies like projectile sidestep and invisibility. And speaking of Bat-bomb you can attach it to your opponents to launch them in the air after a delay. Now pair these specials with your normal attacks and you will get deadly character. Ironic, as batman doesn’t kill.

You can unlock Batman for 2000 Gold or 700 Gleamium.

Wonder Woman

wonder woman

While the best Tank in the game may be Superman for our recommendation here we will go with Wonder Woman. The biggest reason is you unlock her for free after you complete the tutorial. But that would be pretty lame if that was all she had going for her. And you can bet that that is not the only reason for you to unlock her first.

To begin with, she is ideal to practice a character of the Tank class. Tanks are damage sponges meant to take damage to the team. Next, she has some really interesting specials. Her side special is called Warrior’s charge and as the name suggests she charges forward with her shield raised. Any projectiles that hit her during the charge get destroyed. And she can also give Armor to the allies she passes. Next, you have Defense of the Gods this special applies a Shielded buff to herself and her teammate. And lastly, she can also use her Lasso of Truth to pull enemies and teammates close to her. This is can be used in interesting ways to catch a falling teammate.

You unlock Wonder Woman after completing the tutorial.

Tom and Jerry

tom and jerry

Tom and Jerry is the best Mage / Ranged fighter in the game. Yes, a fighter and not fighters even though they are two characters you control them as one. While it sounds confusing it isn’t as confusing as you might think it to be. Tom and Jerry is recommended if you really want to spice up your game. It has the most unique gameplay when you compare it to other characters. Some of its notable specials are Snap Trap, Look Out Below, and Rocket Mouse.

Let us start with Rocket Mouse, in this tom attaches a rocket to Jerry and uses him as a projectile. Speaking of projectiles the Special Look Out Below is where Tom drops a dynamite stick. It explodes when it comes in contact with the enemy or on the second bounce. And Snap Trap is where Tom sets up a mouse trap that damages opponents when they trigger it, if a teammate with the Cheese Buff steps on it, it just increases its power.

You can unlock Tom & Jerry for 3000 Gold or 700 Gleamium.


reindog mutilversus best characters to unlock first in each class

When you talk about support characters there aren’t many players who prefer them. But you will be surprised how useful they can be when used correctly and with a teammate. And one such character is Reindog, in fact, he is the fighter made specifically for this game unlike the rest of the roster that are from some other universes.

As a beginner, you should find these special moves very useful. Flounce Pounce, it is a basic forward pounce attack. Its air version Fireworks Master, which is a spinning forward attack. Flying Floop that turns Reindog into a ball that your teammates can pick to shoot you at the enemy. And finally, there is also Power Crystal. This move summons a power crystal that strikes opponents with lightning and gives them an Electrical Debuff and the allies that get hit by it get an Electrical buff.

You can unlock Reindog for 2000 Gold or 700 Gleamium.

Again these characters are just some recommendations, the real best characters to unlock first in MultiVersus are the ones you enjoy playing with. So go to the training mode in The Lab and try out different characters to help decide whether the character you are going to unlock is really worth it or not.

That covers this guide on the best MultiVersus characters to unlock first. Since you like playing this game you can find other related topics for it useful in our MultiVersus guides.