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MultiVersus: Best Bugs Bunny Perks

What's Up, Doc? Check out our guide to find out the best perks for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is an action platform videogame that features an ultimate crossover of a wide range of characters. These characters include Batman, Shaggy, and more characters with future updates. Bugs Bunny is one of the iconic characters from the roster that features unique moves and abilities. Aside from his smile and witty charms, Bugs also have several perks to use. But some players are confused about which ones to pick. So, here’s our guide on the best perks for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus.

Best Perks for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus

Here are the best perks to choose from:

Comin’ Through Doc: This signature perk releases a shockwave against his enemies whenever Bugs leaves the tunnel. As he is a mage or ranged-type character, you can use this perk to escape or hit and stun your enemies. You can also use this perk to inflict a combo. This perk is a throwback to one of his crazy tactics to fool Daffy Duck in Looney Tunes show.

Collateral Damage: Using this perk offers your team an additional 1 damage to deal with the damage. But you need to make sure that your enemies collide on a floor or the wall. If your ally uses this perk altogether, your team can deal with an additional 2 damage.

Speed Force Assist: If Bugs uses this perk, your team receives a 4% increased base movement speed. This will help you get out of any intense brawls with a bruiser-type character like Batman or Shaggy. If your ally stacks this perk, your team gets an additional 4% base movement speed.

Second Wind Beneath your Wings: You can use this perk to refresh all the Aerial attacks of your team. So, the cooldown for all the aerial attacks or moves will be reset. If your allies like Arya Stark or Jake the Dog use this perk, your team will refresh all the aerial options after ringing out your enemies.

Lingering Love: In addition to the above perks, there is another signature perk that can be used for Bugs Bunny. As you use this perk, Bugs will throw a flying kiss at his opponents. This perk stuns for a short time wherein you can throw a couple of combos against your enemies.

While it might take a bit to unlock this perk, Lingering Love can also charm away the invincible Superman.

multiversus best perks bugs bunny
Image Source – Anthony Allen on YouTube.

In addition to these perks, you can use some standard perks as well. These include Coffeezilla and Aerial Acrobat. But in my opinion, the best perks to use for Bugs Bunny will be Comin’ through the Doc and Speed force assist.

That’s everything covered about the Best perks for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on the best Batman perks, Best Superman perks, and best Shaggy perks in MultiVersus right here on Gamer Tweak.