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Best Perks For Shaggy In MultiVersus

Need to equip Shaggy with the best perks in MultiVersus? This is the guide for you.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover game released by Warner Bros. Here, you can play one of your favorite characters from DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network. In the game, one of the starting characters that you will get is the Mystery gang’s very own Shaggy. And while he is commonly known for his antics as a character that stays away from a fight, here, he faces danger head-on. Using an alter ego that makes him enraged on the field, he proves to be a powerful foe. His base attacks are pretty great as is but if you’re looking to add a couple of extra perks to make him invincible (well, almost!), this is the guide for you. Here are the best perks for Shaggy in MultiVersus.

What are the Best Perks for Shaggy in MultiVersus?

Best Perks For Shaggy In MultiVersus

Before we go into which perks are the best for Shaggy in MultiVersus, here is a list of the perks that you can use on Shaggy and when they’re unlocked in the game.

  • Lumpy Space Punch – Level 2
  • Kryptonian Skin – Level 4
  • Equip Ally Perks – Level 6
  • Last Stand – Level 7
  • Signature Perk: One Last Zoinks – Level 8
  • Perk Training – Level 9
  • Signature Perk: Hangry Man – Level 10
  • Snowball Effect – Level 11
  • Retaliation-Ready – Level 12
  • Speed Force Assist – Level 13

While these are all good in their own respect, some are just better than others for particular playstyles. There are lots of perks that are shared among characters as well. And so, you should take into account your character’s class, tier level, and most importantly, your own playstyle.

Shaggy’s class is a Bruiser and so he works best as a short-distance fighter. Put him up close to the action to get the best out of him. Packing in a punch is what he does best and the following perks support putting him up and front:

  • One Last Zoinks – This perk allows Shaggy to gain Fury after he passes 100 damage. There is no need to wait around for him to recharge, you can easily win matches with this perk especially when combined with Last Stand.
  • Snowball Effect – This effect is much more brutal as it goes after the weakest link. This perk deals an increased damage of 7% against the most damaged player in the game.
  • Lumpy Space Punch – Just because he’s a bruiser, doesn’t mean that his sandwich doesn’t need to be utilized. This perk allows Shaggy to slam dunk his opponents with a 5% increased melee attack.
  • Last Stand – This perk allows Shaggy and his allies to increase damage by 10% after he passes 100 damage. It works best when combined with Shaggy’s signature perk, One Last Zoinks as it ruins the opponent’s chances of coming back.

While on the surface, they may not seem like they inflict tons of damage, these perks definitely stack up. They are all high risk, high rewards kind of perks and you will not have much on the defensive side. As a result, we recommend having a Support class character playing with you to keep you fueled through the battle. This will help you to level the playing field.

This was like all there is to know about the best perks for Shaggy, duuuuude. Give these perks a try on Shaggy to see if they work for you and your playstyle. If you want to know what perks work for some of the more challenging characters in the game then check out this guide on the Best Perks for Tom and Jerry.