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MultiVersus: Best Characters For Combo Attacks

Check out our guide on the best characters to pick for Combo attacks in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is an action platform video game that features a wide range of iconic characters. These characters have their unique moves, abilities, and perks as they are pitted against their opponents. With great abilities, also come amazing combo attacks to use against enemies. You can use different combos to stun your enemies and damage them more. But which characters to pick? So, here’s our guide on the best characters to pick for combo attacks in MultiVersus.

Best Characters for Combo Attacks in MultiVersus


Mentioned below are the best characters to choose for combo attacks:


There’s a reason why the criminals in Gotham would rather go to prison rather than be beaten up by Batman. He is a bruiser-type character that has the best moves and perks to use from. With his Batarang and more gadgets, it might be difficult to counter-attack this masked vigilante. But his combo attacks don’t rely fully on his hi-tech gadgets. One of his combo attacks is spamming punches and ending it with an uppercut. You can check out our guide on the best Batman combos for more such cool combo attacks.


best characterse for combo attacks multiversus

Bugs Bunny

The witty and charming rabbit can wreak havoc with its unique perks and abilities. Bugs Bunny is a ranged or mage character that can shoot massive projectiles against enemies. He might be the most unpredictable character out of the entire roster. That’s because even his combos are quite unpredictable. Air Launch Bounce Combo is one of the combo attacks that can be executed with three Ground attacks and ending the combo with an upper Air attack. Check out our guide on the best combos for Bugs Bunny for more insight.


multiversus best characters for combo attacks


If you are looking for a perfect tank-type character with plenty of combo attacks, pick the Man of Steel himself. While he is nerfed down a lot to balance him out, you can rely on his combo attacks. Some of his combos include Heat Vision, Kryptonian Kombo, Bullet Barrage, and more. With his perks combined, these combo attacks can inflict massive damage to your enemies.


multiversus best characters combo attacks

Harley Quinn

The lunatic sidekick of Joker is an Assasin-type character that has several attacks up her sleeve. Being an Assasin-type, Harley is super quick and has one of the strongest combo attacks. Some of her best combos are Clown Combo which involves a combo of kicks and bat swings that end with an upward swing. Another combo attack is a Flying Kicks combo. It is a combo of kicks that ends with as he bounces back from her opponent.

multiversus harley quinn


Reindog is an original character featured in MultiVersus. This cute and fluffy creature is the best support-type character on the roster. One of the combos for Reindog is Tail Swipe which charges a powerful tail swipe that can break armor. His other combo attack, Ptoo!, spits a powerful projectile that can either be aimed upwards or down.


That’s everything covered on the best characters for combo attacks in MultiVersus. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on the best characters to unlock from each class, how to unlock all characters, and how to get Character Tickets in MultiVersus right here on Gamer Tweak.