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MultiVersus Best Batman Combos

These are the Best combos that you can use with Batman in MultiVersus.

The epic crossover platform game MultiVersus introduces one of the main characters of DC comics. The vigilante from Gotham City who prevents crime and responds to the calling sign of a bat. Yes, Batman is one of the unlockable characters in the game and we dare say the Caped Crusader is here for some action. Having gone toe to toe with the Man of Steel, Batman has been victorious on many occasions. Would that be a case in MultiVersus as well? That entirely depends on what combos and perks you use in the fight. If you are not sure about those, this guide will help you with the Best Batman Combos in MultiVersus.

Best Combos for Batman in MultiVersus

Best Combos Batman MultiVersus

While there is no doubt that Batman relies on his Batarang, not all of his combos do the same. As a Bruiser class, Batman packs quite heavy damage with his fists which has always been the case. Also, his ninja abilities help add his combos with the smoke screen effect on the battlefield.

These are the best combos that we believe work with Batman in MultiVersus and once you get set with them, you can deal heavy damage with the night. The combos mentioned below are worked well with the Best Controller Settings but if you wish, you can continue with the Default Controls:

  • Combo 1 – Charged Special (Up) + Jump + Special(Up) + Attack + Attack + Neutral Attack
  • Combo 2 – Special + Special (Side) + Attack(Side) + Attack(Side) + Neutral Attack
  • Combo 3 – Attack (Down) + Attack(Side) + Attack(Side) + Special (Side) + Attack(Side)
  • Combo 4 – Special + Attack(Side) + Attack(Side) + Attack(Side) + Special(Up)
  • Combo 5 – Neutral Attack + Special(Side) + Special(Up) + Attack(Side) + Attack(Side)

While these will take some practice, once you are set with the controls, you can easily bruise any character with Batman. When paired with the best Batman Perks, the Dark Knight will be unstoppable in the game.

That’s all you need from this guide on Best Batman Combos in MultiVersus. While you are here, make sure you check out other MultiVersus Guides with Gamer Tweak.