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Multiversus Assassin Class Tips & Tricks Guide

Here is a guide on the Tips & Tricks for the Assassins Class in Multiversus.

Multiversus is a Free-To-Play Crossover Fighting game created by Player First Games & Warner Bros. All the classic characters from our childhood that we grew up with have become playable Fighters. Each character in this game fall under one of 5 Classes, i.e. Bruiser, Assassin, Tank, Support, & Mage. These classes explain what a character can primarily do. But how do you play any of these Classes, especially the Assassin Class? In this guide, I will show you some Tips & Tricks on the Assassin Class in Multiversus.

How to Play the Assassin Class in Multiversus


assassin class multiversus

The Assassin Class in Multiversus is a Class of characters that focuses on Speed & Agility. They do have moves that are heavy Hitters but rely more on their unpredictable movement. They can deal damage easily but will also take a lot of damage since they have relatively low health. To compensate for the low health, Assassins have either movement abilities or other Tools & Gimmicks to counter other Characters in the game. Currently, there are a few Characters in Multiversus that are considered Assassins & they are:

  • Finn the Human
  • Harley Quinn
  • Arya Stark


The general Tip that you should know about the Assassin Class is to learn your entire Arsenal. Since Assassins rely on their Speed & Tools to beat other players, knowing when to use them & how to use them is important. Assassins also have abilities that set up map Control. For example, Harley Quinn has an ability that allows her to place Bombs around the map. This gives her so much map control and funnels the enemies as per her liking. Another Tip for Assassins is to always be on the move. Never stop or that can be the end of you. Learning the Mobility of the Assassins & dealing great damage with them will ensure you the win every time.

This was all about the Tips & Tricks for the Assassin Class in Multiversus. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Play Bruiser Class in Multiversus.